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10 Feb

Weekend Splash: Welcome Del Mar By Berjheny's Kaleidoscopic Collection

Posted by Bikini Owner

del mar by berjheny bikini girl

We put together your Bikini girl roundup of the five best things that happened this week.

  • Fab news, Bikini girls! The unique, vibrant, geometric designs of swim line Del Mar by Berjheny just hit our shop this week. We've been waiting a while for this one. Del Mar's bikinis feauture silhouettes far more innovative than your average triangle, but are supremely sexy and flattering at the same time. If you can't tell, we're pumped. Discover the new collection.
  • Jean Paul Gaultier showed his new couture collection in Paris this week, ending with Naomi Campbell flaunting a leggy, nymph-like ensemble that made her look as if she'd just emerged from the forests of Hawaii. Stunning through and through, feast your eyes on her woodland look.
  • This week, we got the destinct pleasure of going behind the scenes at the Water Glamour swimwear design studio. These boutique designers are not only partners in business, they're also partners in love. And their story is incredible. From how they met, to how they conceive a design, to how their swimwear gets manufactured, make sure to read their story.
  • When we visit the airport, we're often more concerned with our destination or finding the nearest airport yoga center than say, the airport's interior decor. Especially not the carpet. Well, apparently the residents of Portland, OR are extremely attached to the colorful carpet at their local airport, which has inspired everything from manicures to tattoos, t-shirts, and poetry. This week, however, it was announced that PDX is replacing its beloved carpet. Big deal? You decide. Check out the full story.
  • This week we announced our February Bikini Girl of the Month, stunning blogger extraordinaire Kaitlynn Carter. Get to know her a little bit before she takes over for the next four weeks.

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