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10 Jun

We Want These Wetsuits

Posted by Bikini Owner in quiksilver, true wetsuits


Wanna surf? Gotta work? Quiksilver understands. 

There's some truth to the cliche of the overworked Japanese businessman: Even relative to his counterpart in the industrious U.S. — not to mention Europe — Japanese workers clock more hours behind the desk. 

Which, of course, is super sad if you want to go surfing. 

Quiksilver aimed to fix that. Working with mega-advertising firm TBWA\HAKUHODO, they've debuted "true wetsuits." (Suits that can get wet. You get it.) A wetsuit meant to go straight from the boardroom to the beach. 

Styling options include a black version, blue version, and, of course, a tux. The pants and jacket are made from 2mm stretch neoprene, while the shirt is constructed from water-repelling Dryflight, made by Quiksilver.

No surprise: They're currently sold out. 

Who else is ready for the girls' version?