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17 Aug

The Wanderlust Is Heading To Casablanca!

Dazzling architectural gems, a rich cultural history, and a buzzy beach scene are what drew us to the latest destination featured in The Wanderlust, our style subscription box. What convinced us it deserved a spot on our list of must-see locales, which have included Bali and the Maldives, though, is the once-in-a-lifetime thrill that a visit there elicits. Without further ado, we're excited to announce the next spot on our globe-trotting tour: Casablanca. 

Casablanca has been called the Paris of North Africa for its romantic charm, which captures the imagination of travelers worldwide because of its mystique and glamorous visual appeal. A mix of mosques, Art Deco architecture, and dramatic cathedrals create a modern skyline that boasts of a rich history. While we find all these facets incredibly alluring, we also can't overlook the vibrant beach scene and surf culture that draw sun-seekers worldwide to its gorgeous La Corniche crescent-shaped beach district. There's also the cultural touchpoint of the classic 1942 namesake film that forever cemented the phrase "Play it again, Sam" in our collective memories (no mind that it's actually a misquote, with apologies to Ingrid Bergman). This mythical locale has all the things we strive to find in a destination for The Wanderlust — natural beauty, visual intrigue, and a sense of adventure we can dive straight into. 


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The Casablanca must-see-and-do highlight reel is long and varied. If you're on the hunt for art, there's a gallery scene that rivals Los Angeles or New York, with many art hotspots cropping up in historic Art Deco buildings that are works of art on their own. In fact, there's a lot about Casablanca that feels surprisingly like Los Angeles, which is surprising but understandable, given the sprawl of the city and the pull of the beach. Dying for a res at a hot restaurant? This is the Moroccan city for foodies, with dynamic chefs bringing a global vision of the nation's cuisine to stylish tables around the city and a bustling French food scene that reflects on its colonial heritage.

Also? There are those Moroccan tiles. From the medinas and old markets to the city's walls and decor in most traditional buildings to the massive, breathtaking Hassan II Mosque, the mosaic art and glazed tiles in Casablanca are as good as you'd think (make sure your camera roll has lots of space if you #haveathingwithfloors). Souks are one of the first things that come to mind when you picture Morocco, and while Casablanca's medina isn't as much of a labyrinth as Marrakech's, you can still lose yourself amongst the spices and lanterns and traditional tea service sets. Sip a fresh mint tea in a cafe and watch the crowds go by to take it all in — there's a vibe here that's really unlike anywhere else. Looking to spa it up? A hammam experience is a must, with beautiful sauna and steam baths followed up by traditional mega exfoliation that makes anything you've experienced back home seem tame. 

Once you've gotten your skin baby-soft, you can hit the beach. The beach club culture at the Corniche in Ain Diab is lavish, with spots like Tahiti Beach and the Flamingo Beach Club offering turquoise pools, soft loungers, and umbrellas for days spent luxuriating in the sun. Worried about donning a bikini in a Muslim country? Fear not. In Casablanca, the Western swim style is not as eyebrow-raising as you'd think. After a day in the sun, glam drinks at the oceanfront Le Cabestan could trick you into thinking you were in St. Barths or on the French Riviera — the corks pop all night and the dancing does, too. 

Need further proof that Casablanca is a real-deal Bikini destination? There's a surf scene that grinds out some amazing waves — Safi and Rabat are nearby surf towns that draw boards from all over the world for their long seasons (October to April) and mega 10+ foot waves. See? We told you we'd found a new paradise. Here's looking at you, kid. 

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