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29 Jun

Visual Q&A: Sera Wright

Posted by Bikini Owner in Australia, Byron Bay, photographer, Sera Wright

Byron Bay is one of the world's most incredible places — and no one captures it quite like local photgorapher Sera Wright. Read here to find out what makes her tick, and which snap represented a turning point in her career. 



BIKINI: Which shot did you work hardest to get "just so" — and how did you do it?
SERA WRIGHT: Slippery rocks, fading light, and a camera remote — getting into the right position when you're shooting yourself can be challenging, but also rewarding when you get the shot you were after.



BIKINI: What shot best encapsulates your aesthetic?
SW: I love to capture pastels, whether it be sunset or sunrise, a lonely beach, beautiful skies. I feel like I see the world through very colourful and bright eyes.



BIKINI: Which shot were you happiest creating?
SW: This shot was taken at the beach just in front of my house. It's a simple shot, but it means a lot to me — my favorite time of day, at my favorite beach in Byron. The colours and light on this particular day were perfect.



BIKINI: Which shot best shows how you use lighting to tell your story? 
SW: I love capturing nature and people enjoying themselves in nature. Capturing the feeling of nature is something I love doing. In my photos, I hope that people can feel like they are there and that they can feel the moment. Capturing it in the right lighting always helps tell a story as it draws you in.


BIKINI: What photo marked a turning point in your career? 
SW: I took this image on one of my morning walks. It wasn't planned — just a shoot and walk moment, and when I got home and saw it on the screen I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in photography full-time. Being able to capture the way I see the world and share it with others makes me happy.


BIKINI: What's your favorite location you've photographed in?
SW: Samoa is my favourite location to shoot — there is so much natural beauty there to be captured and the colour of the water is insanely beautiful!



BIKINI: What is your favorite photo you've ever shot?
SW: This image was shot in Samoa — two of the girls were in the dugout wooden canoe, the sun was setting, the colours were the most amazing I had ever seen. The happiness and joy I felt capturing this moment was beautiful.



BIKINI: What can you tell us about your process, including the image editing apps/programs you use, plus any other recommendations you might have? 

SW: I am supported by Olympus Australia and I shoot with the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, which is an incredible camera. It's all about shooting in the right light and right time of day. I use Lightroom on my laptop to edit my photos then some final tweaks in the Instagram app.



BIKINI: The color palette in your images is so amazing. Without giving away any secrets, can you give us any advice on how you achieve it, even if speaking broadly? Is it in the selection of the spots that you choose to photograph, or in your post production? 

SW: I am lucky that in Byron we have incredible views and sunrises and sunsets on a daily basis. The pastel colours you see in my images are pretty close to real life, as you would see it through your own eyes. Shooting in the right light is the key. Even when i am travelling or on a campaign or job, I seem to manage to capture pastels and my color palette wherever in the world I am. I think I am just drawn to them. I shoot slightly overexposed or I adjust the brightness in post production to get it just right.



BIKINI: How much does color influence when (i.e. sunrise, sunset, etc) and where you shoot? 

SW: I generally shoot at sunset and sunrise. I try and get to the beach at least half an hour before first light for sunrise to be able to capture those colors, and I stay until it gets dark when the sun sets. I don't plan a lot of my shots — however I always have my camera handy, and if the sky looks like it's going to pop then I'll grab it out for a quick shot.



BIKINI: How long did it take you to develop your color palette, and how have you seen it change? 

SW: I think I've always seen the world through pretty colorful eyes. Since I started out taking photos, I've always loved capturing colorful scenes. I used to shoot a bit darker colors, but in the last two years I've found that I've toned down the deep colors and created more of my style of my light pastel palette, which I love."