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24 May

Virtue Haircare is Basically Miraculous

Posted by Bikini Owner in Haircare, Virtue


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Last week's streak of blistering temps in New York City sent many people scrambling — some to install their air conditioners, others to procure new sandals or lightweight dresses to get through the 90+ degree weather. My closet was ready for the heat — but my hair most certainly was not. As a naturally curly girl, the humid days of summer often require multiple steps of strategic product placement to quell frizz and fight my insane waves that won't behave — it is a lot of work.

On the second day of the heatwave, I turned to tubes of Virtue haircare's Smooth shampoo and conditioner, newly arrived additons to my de-frizzing arsenal. Just launched this spring, Virtue's unque twist is that it contains a hair-derived keratin called Alpha Keratin 60ku (discovered in a lab while researching regnerative medicine methods), the only pure protein of its kind that remains whole after being harvested, resulting in super-powered healing for hair and nails. The way this particular keratin kicks Virtue into high gear is by affixing to your strands and sealing and re-building, repairing damage to hair caused by heat and color, or simply smoothing the annoyed strands of frizz-prone hair (like mine) into glassy locks. With a crack team of hair celebs as constultants — Reese Witherspoon's hair guru Adir Abergel is creative director and color queen Sharon Dorram is color director — Virtue aims to bring a totally new type of haircare, at a price that isn't astronomical, to consumers. 

When I dispensed a blob of Virtue's Smooth shampoo in the shower, I could tell immediately that the rich, emollient formula was different from frizz-fighting products I'd used before. Same with the conditioner, which glided onto my parched, shampooed hair smoothly. I knew I was hours away from seeing the true results of the test (my super-dense hair takes forever to dry, and I never use heat on it because it tends to up the fuzz factor), but I was feeling really, really optimistic. 


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Virtue's pretty tubes perk up your shower view. 

After towel-drying, I applied some of Virtue's styling products, including the Polish Unfrizz cream and an excellently named Voluminizing Whip mousse (I'd geekily scoped out their Insta feed, which has some great grooming tips from Abergel), and patiently waited. About an hour later, I could tell that this stuff was really, really good—even though the temp was about 89 degrees and insanely swampy, the baby hairs around my hairline (the first place frizz appears on my head), were relaxed and smooth. My curls were also gorgeously mermaid-like, even though I'd skipped my usual salty spray concotion which I typically rely on for extra hold. By mid-day, it was official — this stuff was the jam. The Volumizing Whip is officially the only product I've ever used that actually lent my super-dense, insanely heavy hair some bounce up at the roots and throughout the entire length.  

The biggest confirmation, though? My next-day morning hair. Curly hair can get dented, flat or kind of fuzzy overnight, but I woke up with super gorgeous waves that still held their shape and were entirely devoid of frizz without a hint of crunch. I know there are huge problems in the world that need solving, but this triumph brought me unabashed glee, which my husband had to hear about ad nauseum. 

As I always do when discovering some miraculous new beauty discovery, I fired off an email to my closest girlfriends the next day — one has crazier curls than I do, the other is always complaining about volume. "You must, must, must try this stuff," I commanded. To my mom, who has recently gone totally platinum (because that's healthy for your hair) I prescribed the Recovery conditioner.  

My summer hair story is looking smooth, and I could not be more excited about all freed-up space in my bathroom — the 19 (yes, 19!) other haircare products that were in regular rotation before I discovered these hair savoirs? They have been permanently de-commissioned.