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14 Feb

The Twosome Behind Wolven Threads Takes #CoupleGoals Seriously

Posted by Bikini Owner in #couplegoals, KIran Jade, Will Ryan, Wolven Threads

wolven threads

Wolven Threads founders Kiran Jade and Will Ryan. 

We've been unabashed about our love for eco-chic swim and lifestyle wear collection Wolven Threads — in our opinion, no one does haute hippie better. Fun fact: founder Kiran Jade and co-founder Will Ryan are a couple, each bringing an unbridled creativity and love for nature to the business they've built together. Since today's a day that celebrates love, we chatted them up about what it means to work together and what they think the best part of being in a relationship really is. 


BIKINI: Working together is no small feat — was there ever a time that it didn't seem like a good idea?

KIRAN JADE: There have been times when it has been challenging, but we have always been friends first and foremost. We were friends for years before we started dating or working together, and that friendship makes for the foundation for an awesome, trusting creative partnership.  

WILL RYAN: As creatives, our visions are usually in alignment. We are both very committed to making things work in both a professional and private sense, so we try to focus on the positive!

BIKINI: How did you two meet?

KJ: We went to college together at Art Center College of Design; Will was studying film and I was studying fine art. We didn’t actually meet in class though, we met at a Robert DeLong concert.


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A look from the Reverie resort collection, perfect for V-day twinning.


BIKINI:  What are your Valentine's Day plans?

WR: We love to take any opportunity we can to get outside and away from our computers. We’ll be climbing in the Owens’ River Gorge and skiing Mammoth.

BIKINI:  Do you have couples that you look to for inspiration or wisdom?

WR: We’re inspired by both of our parents, who are both in business together and have found ways to make it work.

BIKINI:  What do you think is the most inspiring thing about being in a relationship?

KJ: You get to see the world through someone else’s lens. If you keep communication open and honest, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and grow a lot as a human and as an artist.

WR: Supporting each other’s creative processes and visions.

BIKINI:  How does your time together at work affect your off-hours?

KJ: There are not many off hours for us, so we have to try to schedule short breaks or mini-adventures. We usually work 12 to 15 hour days – between management, design, print creation, photo shoots, wholesale, and events, we have our hands pretty full. Whether it’s making time to do acro yoga or play in the mountains, we try to actively create spaces where our conversations are not about work, but inevitably some area of our business will interrupt. We also try to do little things for each other throughout the week to help make the stress more manageable.

BIKINI: What’s the most romantic (or kindest) thing each of you has done for the other?

KJ: Will once stood in line for eight hours to get us tickets to my all time favorite band, Radiohead! I had been dying to see them live for years — literally since I was 12 years old — and he made it happen. 

WR: Kiran surprised me with a custom longboard with my artwork printed on it.


Now that's what we call love! You can read more about Wolven Threads on here.