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16 Jan

Trend Report: The Skinny On Faux Denim

Posted by Bikini Owner

Mock Denim Shorts

Let’s hash this out for a second, shall we? We’re talking the mock denim situation. Like, faux jeans. As in, clothes that look like they’re made of denim, but actually aren’t. You with us?

Odds are you're familiar with jeggings. In fact, we have it on good authority that you might even still own a pair. The illegitimate lovechild of jeans and leggings was born somewhere in the beginning of 2010, and because we ladies love multi-tasking so much, the trend took the mainstream by storm. But since then, we like to think we’ve come to our senses. See, we have a little theory that there’s a way to do denim in a comfy, stylish and totally faux way without painting skin-tight lycra onto your thighs. Interested?

Meet our chic and effortless Mock Denim Shorts. Now this is how you do faux denim. Whereas jeggings like to pretend they can pass as real jeans (ha!), these cuffed shorts know exactly what they are, which is beachside breezy with a side of class. Pair these with a bandeau top or fun printed tank for a casual day look or throw on a slightly sheer lace blouse—the Mock Denim Shorts’ delicately crocheted waistband makes them both versatile and modern, which is more than we can say for their unfortunately coined predecessor. Jeggings, step aside. The trend report is in, and it says that’s Mock Denim Shorts are the new Queen Jean around here.