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29 Jan

These Are the Best Bottoms for Wide Hips

Posted by Bikini Owner in big, bikini, bottoms, curvy, hips, pear, shape, swimwear, wide

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is here to guide readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Got a question of your own? Drop us a line!

Today's question:

Hi Bikini Whisperer,

I have a problem with my wide hips and bikini bottoms. No swimsuits seem to fit correctly — either they are too tight on my sides, which accentuate unwanted fat, or I get the saggy-butt effect when I size up. Please help! I know it's cute to own my bod like a boss, but bikini searching is making me not want the voluptuous thing right now.    

Yours sincerely,

Wide Hipster


Hello there,

OK, we hear you, but first, we gotta say: Wide hips are all the rage these days. Take at look at the Kardashians — and then thank yourself for your lovely form. Finding the perfect bikini is always a challenge, regardless of your body shape — please don't think less of your beautiful body because of ill-fitting bottoms. 

There are specific silhouettes that will flatter your hips more than others. Stick to these three basic rules, and you should be on your merry way (assuming we can't convince you to flaunt your wide hips, which is definitely option #1): no elastic bands (especially multiple straps), no horizontal prints, and no side detailing like cutouts, crochet or metal accents.

Instead, opt for seamless styles (which tend to give more elasticity), simpler shapes — and of course a high-waist, high-cut leg if you want to flaunt your hips.

wide hips bikini

Midnight Co. Bella bottom, $46


Remember that side-ties are you bikini BFFs. 

wide hips bikini

Dbrie Luci bottom, $88


Vertical prints — like these stripes — make everything look narrower. 

wide hips bikini

Tori Praver Allegra bottom, $106


Geometrics are the perfect way to show off a super curvy bottom — the angular points drive the eye upwards, instead of to the sides. 

wide hips bikini

Mei L'ange Aurora bottom, $65

wide hips bikini

Rove Riviera bottom, $120


If you're not into ties, other adjustable options will do. Some bottoms offer as much as an extra four inches of width to play with. 

wide hips bikini

Hot As Hell Cheek-Ini bottom, $128


wide hips bikini

Dbrie Ali bottom, $95


Color blocking is another great way to distract the eye — just be sure that the predominant color (here, the deep red) is in the middle, not on the side.

wide hips bikini

Mymarini Bloc Shine bottom, $95.51