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30 Aug

Taking It All Off? You'll Need These Nude Beach Essentials

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What do Red Beach in Crete, Tahiti Beach in St. Tropez and Kandalora on Rab Island in Croatia have in common, other than gorgeous waters and soft-as-silk sand? Beachgoers at all these spots skip swimsuits entirely. That's right — they're all nude beaches. Gulp. We know bikinis don't exactly cover up a whole lot, but there's something about keeping certain spots under wraps that just seems so... comforting. Since taking the plunge in your birthday suit is often at the top of beach-lovers bucket lists, we thought we'd take all the guesswork out of getting naked sur la plage. Here's a checklist of our top picks for packing for a nude beach. One thing you can forget? Your phone. Pics on nude beaches are always frowned upon. 

1. A smart caftan, like this version from Tory Burch, makes it easy to be modest if you're feeling over-exposed. You'll also have to plan for snack breaks and getting to and from your car. 

2. Refresh your skin all over with a revitalizing rosewater spritz like Kani Botanicals Rose Tone Hydrating Rosewater spray. Technically for the face, but hey, you've got skin all over your body, right? 

3. Sun protection is of utmost importance if you're baring it all. Make sure areas usually obscured by your swimsuit get extra SPF — go for 50 if the sun is blazing and re-apply often. This all-angle spray mist from Supergoop offers broad-spectrum protection in a fine, antioxidant-infused mist. 

4. If you're forgoing the swimsuit, your pedi better be perfect. This pinky nude has a pearly shimmer that feels natural, but elegantly elevated. 

5. An umbrella is imperitive for an all-day naked hang. You'll feel sheltered from the sun, which is key, but if it's your first foray into lounging around nude, the shade will also help you feel less, ahem, exposed. This stylish version from Basil Bangs is as chic as it gets. 

6. Oversize shades up the glam quotient of any beach day — but on one when you're sans swimsuit, they also offer a bit of security. Quay's Delilah style have an Old Hollywood feel in a more modern tortoiseshell hue. 

7. Whether you're wearing a suit or not, lip balm with SPF is a beach must — the delicate skin on your lips is way more vulnerable to sunburn than you'd think. Coola's LipLux formula is super-emollient and nourishing. 

8. If you're strolling around without a bikini in the midday sun, a large-brim hat will offer a petite amount of protection — for the top half of your body at least. It can also double as a shield for parts you'd prefer to keep under wraps if you stop to chat at the water's edge or while you're taking a beach nap. 

9. You want to make sure you have a thick, plush towel to lay on — sand gets hot! Ruby Mint's cotton terry style are extra soft and cushy. The chic stripes are the perfect fashion statement in lieu of a striped suit.