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28 Feb

Take a Tour of the Onia Swimwear Showroom

Posted by Bikini Owner in Onia, Showroom, Swimwear

There’s nothing quite like a high-quality suit, don’t you agree? One that hugs your body in all the right places, accentuating your curves. No brand knows this better than Onia, the super-stylish, minimalist swimwear and apparel brand based in New York City.

We had the pleasure of touring their showroom and speaking with brand designer Sienna Cha and head of women's sales Norma Betesh — learning all about the process of creating their colorful, artistic prints and where their high-quality, super-soft fabrics are sourced from. Learn more about the brand, then shop the best of their 2018 collection in our shop.


Onia Swimwear Showroom

BIKINI: Onia suits are known for their prints. What process is used to create them?

SIENNA CHA: It’s mixed with digital, and also hand drawing. The graphic designer paints them and converts them to digital. We really use both the old style and new style of drawing. All these details are created without real paint, we cannot really have it. We have series of fruits, bananas, mixed fruits. We also have lemons, different kind of lemons. They’re all very fun and bright and happy. We used to do placements only on the Kelly, but we’re trying to do it on the other bodies and bikinis.


BIKINI: How do you manipulate the colors of the fabrics?

SC: During the development process, we have a lot of color options. We put all different colors in the computer, and then we change the colors. We actually started with white, but we see tons of colorways, and then we pick one for the collection.


Onia Swimwear Showroom

BIKINI: Where do you source your fabrics from?

SC: A lot of the textures are from Europe. Our gingham [fabric] is from Portugal. It’s knitted and yarn-dyed.


BIKINI: How long does that process take?

SC: Making fabric usually takes a month. In a whole collection, from the planning to the end, to getting the sample, takes three to four months.


Onia Swimwear Showroom

BIKINI: What should we look forward to in Onia’s spring collection?

SC: Our spring collection, the theme is oriental, so Asian wallpaper-inspired prints. Animal prints, cheetah print. We’re using old Turkish fabrics for the coverups. If you touch it, it’s very soft and breezy. We use regular swim fabric for our solids. It’s made out of nylon/spandex. Some cheap fabrics are poly/spandex, but nylon is softer, more durable, and has nicer quality.

The mesh [in the collection] is from Spain. It’s nylon/spandex as well. We’re using a lot of good quality fabric from Spain, France, Portugal, and some from Italy.