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23 May

The Sweetest Swim: Bowie James Kids

Posted by Bikini Owner in Bowie, James, Kids, Swim


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Have you taken a moment to click around our brand-new selection of kids swimwear? Let us warn you now: if you're child-free, the cuteness that abounds might just cause you to accellerate your family plans. Tiny bikinis and one-pieces were a no-brainer addition to our 360-degree beach lifestyle, and we're thrilled to offer the best of the best.

Bowie James, a colorful collection out of Southern California, is a particular standout. Seriously — we're wistfully wishing the sweet suits came in our size. We chatted with co-founder Gwen Pavlick about designing for littles and what it's really like to work with pint-sized swim models (we won't tell our grown-up models that ice cream on set is an option!). 

BIKINI: Tell us about about the mission of Bowie James. 

Gwen Pavlick: Bowie James was started by four mamas with backgrounds in the surf/fashion industry. We felt like unique, quality, well-fitting swimwear options were hard to come by for our daughters so we decided to make our own. Once people started stopping us on the beach to see where we bought their suits, we knew other people were looking for better options, too! 

BIKINI: Do you all have design backgrounds?

Gwen Pavlick: Yes! We have all worked for amazing companies, brands and started companies on our own prior to BXJ. We have had the privilege of working with wonderful visionaries in the industry and watched their dreams come true while building brands. Therefore we knew we wanted to create something special and build our dream. 


A post shared by BOWIE X JAMES (@bowiejamesswim) on

BIKINI: How do you find your design inspiration?

Gwen Pavlick: Every season is inspired by a new destination. When we design each collection, we view the place of inspiration through a child's eyes and let our imaginations run wild.

BIKINI: Do your kiddos have any input in the designs?

Gwen Pavlick: Absolutely! Especially the older babes. Bowie and James are now 8, so boy do they have opinions. But it's a gift to be able to incorporate all our daughters: Bowie, James, Coco, Clara and Catalina while changing the world one bikini at a time.

BIKINI: The children's swim market can be kind of funny — what have you learned from being a part of it?

Gwen Pavlick: Everyone has a place in the market. You just have to find your niche, your loyal customer, and stay true to that.

BIKINI: What are some design considerations that you have to make for kids?

Gwen Pavlick: We've added more one pieces and cover-up pieces. When you are born and raised on the shores of Southern California, running around in a bikini at any age is the norm. As we started reaching mamas in other parts of the country, we noticed the demand and request for more coverage and apparel pieces. We were happy to extend our offering while still keeping within our Bowie James signature style.

BIKINI: Tell us what a photo shoot is like with a bunch of kids!

Gwen Pavlick: Like a bull in a china shop! No really, it's a lot of fun. There may be some bribes of ice cream and pizza afterwards. The babes love being involved and we are blessed to capture their candid spirits on film to showcase our brand and lifestyle.

BIKINI: What's up next for Bowie X James?

Gwen Pavlick: Well the bikini world will have to wait and see... we plan on taking our brand to the next level - going global!