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09 Mar

Spectrum Collections Shows Us The Right Way to Care for Our Makeup Brushes

Posted by Bikini Owner in Brushes, Care, Makeup, Makeup Brushes, The Wanderlust


If you're a beauty buff, you've not doubt caught a snap or two of Spectrum Collections' super-'grammable makeup brushes in your Insta stream. Colorful and fun, they're the latest buzzy beauty trend out of the UK. Sisters Sophie and Hannah Pycroft are the brains behind the vegan, PETA-certified brand (it was initially cooked up in their parents garage in Wales), and have gained cult status in the beauty industry this year thanks to their quirky take on crafting beauty tools. With names like Killer Cheek Bones (a contouring master) and Draw Me Pretty (for eye definition), the colorful, rainbow-inspired brushes created with a playful unicorn and mermaid messaging take the utilitarian product category and make it downright stylish. We're thrilled that they're a partner brand in The Wanderlust, our quarterly subscription box that rounds up the best of beauty, style, travel and fitness—the stylish approach they take to beauty is inspiring (not to mention insanely fun) and exactly the kind of product we're always looking to share. 

Once you have beauty tools that are obsession-worthy, caring for them is probably a smart thing. We chatted with Sophie and Hannah to get the scoop on keeping them in tip-top shape and also got some fun insider tips. 

BIKINI: Let's talk makeup brushes 101 — which brushes should every gal have in her makeup bag? 

SOPHIE PYCROFT: You can never have too many makeup brushes — however, a favorite of ours is our multi-tasker CO5, which can be used for blending eyeshadow, applying concealer, and contouring, and can be used for both cream and powder products.

BIKINI:  Do you have any fun pro brush tips to share? 

HANNAH PYCROFT: The C01 can be used to tame any loose hair strands if you're trying to create the perfect top knot — those stray baby hairs can be swept into place with the C01 and then hair sprayed. You can also apply a bit of hair spray to the A11 and use it to comb and keep eyebrows in place after you've filled them in with the A17 or A14.

BIKINI: So ... brushes. They need to be cleaned, right? What should we use to clean them, and when should they be replaced? 

SOPHIE PYCROFT: We know finding a brush cleaner for your brushes can be difficult, so we created our very own vegan brush soap. We recommend cleaning your brushes once a week, depending on how often you use them. Our cleanser doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, so it's really great for those with sensitive skin. 

Changing the brush depends on the user. A makeup artist, for example, may need to replace their brushes more frequently as they are used so often, but an average user won’t need to replace their brushes for a longer period of time. With general maintenance and our brush soap, there’s no need to change your brushes unless you want to upgrade your set, but most customers want to update their brushes every 12 to 18 months.

BIKINI: Spectrum makes makeup so fun — what makes your brushes different? 

HANNAH PYCROFT: People love us because we're different. People love unicorns and mermaids as a way of saying they're not like everyone else, and we're all about individuality. Each collection takes inspiration from fashion trends, so your makeup brushes and accessories can reflect your own personal style. We also pride ourselves on our vegan status, and maintaining an animal-friendly product is very important to us. Our products are not just a makeup tool — they're also a fashion accessory and collector's item.

BIKINI: What are your fave up-and-coming beauty brands? 

SOPHIE PYCROFT: If we had to choose one makeup brand we love, it would have to be Kat Von D. She’s quirky and has a different spin on makeup. We love that it's a vegan brand — her products and packaging are great, and we’re also obsessed with her Instagram page. We are also sampling products for our own cosmetic line to be released next year.

There you have it—there's more in store! For more fun beauty-ness, be sure to check out The Wanderlust: Rio, which is available for purchase now.