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28 Sep

Sofia Jamora and Vy of Lolli Swim on Their New Collab

Lolli Swim sure knows how to do a cool collab: The brand's art installation with the Museum of Ice Cream in L.A. went totally viral, and we have equally high expectations for their latest partnership. Vy Nguyen, Lolli's designer and founder, teamed up with long-time friend Sofia Jamora to deliver a super flirty capsule collection. Sof by Lolli, which features best-selling Lolli suits in a wide size range, embodies the brand's fun-spirited vibe. Check out Sofia modeling the collection below and see our quick chat with both.


Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora


BIKINI: How did the partnership come about?   

VY NGUYEN: We've been friends for a few years now. Sofia started modeling with Lolli when she was 17 and still in high school. 


BIKINI: How did you meet? 

VN: I found Sofia on social media. We booked a shoot and have been friends ever since. I'm like the older sister, always trying to show Sof the way! I am so proud of Sofia — she just moved to L.A. all on her own. She's all grown up and has come such a long way. She's stayed true to herself, focused on her career, and has really grown into such a peach.


BIKINI: Do you see each other often? 

VN: Since she was in Calabasas before moving and me in Laguna, we don't see each other as often as I'd like. Our schedules are super busy, too, so we try to meet up whenever we can to brunch and go shopping at our fave spots — brunch at the Polo Lounge and shopping at the Grove. We're planning a fun trip soon since we both love tropical destinations.


BIKINI: How involved was Sofia with the design of the collection? 

SOFIA JAMORA: I was really involved. We picked out the colors and fabric together. We fit on my body to make sure the styles fit on curvy girls, and we designed the label together too. It's my signature for the logo, just like Vy's handwriting is the Lolli logo.

Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora


BIKINI: What was the design process for this collection?

VN: We took Sof's favorite Lolli swimmies and changed up the fit and colors to match her style. Our swimmies are already very cheeky and on the tiny side. Sof loves tanning in our signature styles, but wanted them to fit a curvier girl. We made our collection higher cut in the leg openings to flatter curvy booties, like hers, and kept things simple so you can mix match the swimwear with your outfit. Sof always wears the Dandy top as a bralette.


BIKINI: What flair did Sofia bring to Lolli designs?

SJ: Sexy, but still cute and young vibes.


Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora

BIKINI: What's been the best part of working together?

VN: It's fun and easy because we're like family. We can tell each what we like and don't like, and our feelings won't get hurt.


BIKINI: How was Miami Swim Week for the both of you?  

VN: Miami Swim Week was a blur. We both flew out a week early to hang out and chill before the crazy swim storm. Slumber parties at 1hotel with our besties Amanda Panda and Amber Asaly, and daily stops to Dirt and Pub Belly Sushi for the butter rolls. We love to eat! Sof helped me with all the castings, fittings and runway show prep. It was lots of fun! Then we had the Cabana trade show and a party at Rockwell night club, too. It was a busy swim week, that's for sure — luckily, we had each other and so many friends and family there to support us. It's such a stressful time, but it's awesome to be able to connect with people in the industry that understand the chaos, and then nice to lean on the family and friends who come support. We have a little Lolli fam every year at swim week that keeps growing.


BIKINI: What's in the future for the both of you?

VN: More shoots, more collabs, more giveaways, more everything!


BIKINI: What your absolute fave piece from the collab?

VN: The Dandy top and the Breezy bottom because it's best to tan in; the tinier, the better. They are so simple and easy for anyone to wear.

Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora

BIKINI: Is the collection intended to include plus sizes?

VN: We did extra small to extra large for this collection. It was really important to Sof that the swimmies were flattering on all shapes and sizes.


BIKINI: What type of girl did they have in mind when designing and why was it important for Sof to design for curvy girls? 

VN: Girls are more confident than ever so why not flaunt want you got! The best body in a bikini is a confident one. As a curvy girl, Sofia wanted to make sure girls like her would love wearing suits she loved too. There's a little something for everyone. 

Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora


BIKINI: Any funny stories to share about this collab?

VN: We were literally sending each other texts and photos 24/7 to get colors and logos ready. We're both so busy working and traveling, it's hard to be in the same city at the same time. Funny story though, we love going to Beverly Hills Hotel and almost got kicked out of the pool one time. Oops!


Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora

BIKINI: The campaign is very girl-gang cool! Can you talk about how it came together?  

VN: We wanted to make sure we had a variety of girls that were super sweet like Lolli & Sof. We also wanted to work with our friends that have become our family at the shoot. From MUA to photographers, location, they're all family to us. 

Lolli is so known for being playful and flirty, which we are, and Sof is the sexy and sweet peach. The shoot was a dreamy mix of it all. A bit of that back-to-school girl squad and then a little more mature but with a hint of magic — a Lolli beach dreamland.

Lolli Swim X Sofia Jamora