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14 Mar

The Slow Fashion Revolution You Need to See

Posted by Bikini Owner in eco-friendly, fashion, mindful, slow, style, sustainable, trend

A style revolution is officially underway: the slow fashion movement is here, and it's all about creating pieces that are ethically produced, under environmentally sound conditions. Yes, it takes longer, and the results are often (though not always) more expensive. Upside: not destroying the planet. 

We are super stoked to see more and more brands seeking responsible ways to produce their goods. Below, a few of the brands getting it done the right way.



Teeki's beautiful activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles. Yep, that’s totally right: Recycled plastic bottles are made into fibers, then woven into an uber-comfy fabric. The company ethos is equally badass, with a mission to support women and men to show up in their full truth, in any form that may be. As founder Moonshine said:  “If we put good things out, we get good things in return. We do things thinking about the whole, and then it’s sustainable; then it’s abundant for all. Instead of being greedy and trying to save a couple of dollars on every pant, which isn't good for anyone”.



We give Reformation major kudos for creating incredibly chic collections in a responsible way. Leading the movement with super sustainable materials like Tencel, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing is not an easy job. And their factories (just as impressive as their clothes) use the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices out there.


slow fashion

Made from 100 percent recycled fabrics, these Abysse suits show textile innovation at its best — it's made from salvaged fishing nets and eco-friendly rubber. It’s not just their cutting-edge fashion we love — it’s their fight for the conservation and preservation of the ocean. They partner with scientists who specialize in worldwide oceanic and environmental issues, to create awareness, educate and raise funds to solve these issues.



The slow fashion movement isn't only about smaller brands: Adidas jumped on board with the Parley. It’s their first-ever recycled plastic sneaker, made from waste recovered in the ocean near the Maldives.