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31 Mar

On The Road With Surfer Leila Hurst

Posted by Bikini Owner in Abysse, bikinis, Leila Hurst, Life Rolls On, surfing


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Our surf skills might not yet be at pro-tour aptitude, but that doesn't stop us from fantasizing about being part of a girl surf squad like Leila Hurst. The Hawaiian-born surfer spends her days watching the tide and riding the waves with her best friends, frolicking in the California crests in a way that makes us want to drop everything and join her. Hurst is also a superb role model—as a volunteer with Life Rolls On, she's helped her sister, who was born with spina bifida, and others with disabilities enjoy the empowering effects of the water. In short—she's fun and kind, and we want more gals like her in the world to look up to. 

Hurst is always in perpetual motion, but we caught up with her in Mexico for a rapid-fire chat about life on the road and how she keeps it together while she's chasing the waves. 

BIKINI: How many weeks a year are you on the road? 

Leila Hurst: I have no idea! My schedule is so last minute. Maybe I'm traveling six months out of the year? I also live part time in Hawaii so I'm all over the place haha!

BIKINI: What do you need to feel centered when you're traveling? What do you miss most about home when you're away?

Leila Hurst: I miss my dog a lot when I'm traveling, and just relaxing with my family. To feel at home on the road...hmm. I think staying active and being able to run, and surf. It makes me happy.

BIKINI: How do you start your day?

Leila Hurst: I have a big ol' coffee! And I always check the waves right when I wake up. 

BIKINI: What do you love about surfing?

Leila Hurst: My favorite thing is being in the water, seeing all of my friends. I love being home in Kauai and surfing—I see everyone I went to school with, which makes me so happy.



A post shared by Leila Hurst (@leilahurst) on

Hurst with her cute pooch. 

BIKINI: When you pack for a competition or a surf trip, what are your must-haves?

Leila Hurst: Very good sunscreen and a million bikinis.

BIKINI: Do you have any surf beauty tricks or tips?

Leila Hurst: I love It's A 10 hair mask. It's good for our salty hair.

BIKINI: What's your fave swimwear for surfing? Or a regular hang day at the beach?

Leila Hurst: I love Abysse.

BIKINI:  Who are your favorte surfers?

Leila Hurst: Stephanie Gilmore... hmmm so many people! Kauai is full of amazing surfers that I've always looked up to.

BIKINI: Who do you check in with on Instagram?

Leila Hurst: All my best friends—Quincy Davis, Kelia Moniz. All my surfer girlfriends. I love dance video Instagram accounts too!

BIKINI: What are your plans for the summer?

Leila Hurst: I'll be in California! Maybe Mexico, too. I want to long board San Onofre and be tan!