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18 Oct

Perfect Your Beach Home Decor With The Rhapsody

Posted by Bikini Owner in Beach, Decor, Design, Home, Interior, The Rhapsody ​, Trends

It's inevitable that mermaids like us yearn for a beachy space even in the cold months ahead, and that's why we've linked up with Phoebe Carpenter, founder of The Rhapsody, Australia's top-notch beach-loving, bohemian-vibing home decor platform that features spaces we worship. Here she shares the latest trends to incorporate into your home, how to style your interiors in winter months and amazing designers to follow for inspiration.


BIKINI: What are the hot interior trends on your radar right now?

PHOEBE CARPENTER: Terracotta and olive green are very on trend at the moment and bring gorgeous warmth, earthiness and a subtle Moroccan feel to living rooms and bedrooms. My roommate (an interior designer) just sourced the most beautiful terracotta plates for our home. They’re perfect for dinner parties or as wall hangings. Also, can’t go past the new 'clay' (terracotta) and 'moss' (olive green) linen sheets from IN BED Store... must have! 



BIKINI: What are the essential elements required to create a boho-luxe inspired home?

PC: In true bohemian style, there are no strict rules, and the entire style is influenced by an anything goes mentality that encourages creative flare. However, I think the bohemian interior design is all about mixing and matching, while still keeping the overall look clean and refined.

Use an earthy color palette to bring the outdoors in — natural timbers, rattan, jute, bamboo and fresh greenery (must have fresh greenery always!) all work beautifully for a boho-luxe style home. Think lots of colors and textures like textured cushions and Moroccan rugs, and don’t be afraid to layer the different textiles on top of each other, such as color layering your jute and Moroccan rugs.

Sofas upholstered in neutral tones or crisp white are a good option to balance out pops of color and prints from the different cushions. And make sure you choose unique and individual pieces that you love. Try and steer away from generic designs! 

living room

living room



BIKINI: How can you style a bohemian space in the winter months (and likewise in the warmer months) — what unique pieces can you use to bring warmth in winter or beachy luxe in summer?

PC: Unique pieces you could use in winter — colored cushions, animal hides and throws (The Sourceress), candles, beautiful lighting from lamps and pendants to create a cozy ambiance.

Unique pieces you could use in summer — greenery always creates a fresh, plantation style feel. Soft white linens — curtains, bedding, cushions — can freshen up a space and give a summery quality. 



living room


BIKINI:  Which interior designers inspire you and why?

PC: Alanna Smit – the queen of plantation style! She knows exactly how to achieve an Australian interpretation of plantation. Drawing her inspiration from the Bahamas and the Hamptons, I just love how she can combine a few different styles to create a British colonial/plantation feel. She is also one of the most down to earth people to work with and knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Alanna   Smitt


India Hicks – Not only do I love her relaxed island luxe, colonial style, but I adore her island lifestyle in the Bahamas in her bougainvillea-filled home! I’m also a massive fan of her beautiful coffee table books, which make the perfect addition to any home.

India   Hicks


Pamela Makin, Les Interieurs Paddington: I love Pamela’s unique style. Her aesthetic is organic and natural and I love the way she incorporates black accents, timber furniture, and African pieces into a white space. Her store in Newport is also to die for.

Pamela   Makin


Tamsin Johnson – I'm a massive fan of her recent work at Rae’s on Wategos. I love the way she mixes unique pieces to create spaces that are eclectic and refined without feeling over-designed. Her palette is always clean and fresh!  

Tamsin   Johnson


BIKINI: What is your ultimate home/room and why?

PC: Ultimate home/room? I love, love, love Marianne Brandi’s home in St. Bart's. You would have seen ‘that kitchen’ on multiple social media platforms by now. However, I just can’t get enough of it. I love the dark cabinetry, the rattan pendant lights, the white floorboards and the textured rugs. It's my dream kitchen. Luckily enough, Bly (my sister and co-founder of The Rhapsody) has recently renovated her home, and her kitchen was inspired by Marianne Brandi’s home, so I feel like I get to indulge in it all the time.

Marianne   Brandi

Marianne   Brandi

Marianne   Brandi


BIKINI: How did The Rhapsody get started and why?

PC: The Rhapsody started in 2015. I had just begun studying interior design and started up an Instagram page — Boho Luxe Interiors — just for fun so I could post interiors pics that inspired me. After a few weeks starting the Instagram page, my following grew quite rapidly and users seemed to really love the aesthetic. I remember one morning I woke up and looked at my phone to find hundreds of new followers and I was reading the comments and one said, “Omg congrats, Kourtney Kardashian just started following you, you’ve made it!” I screamed (I love Kourtney!) and quickly checked if it was actually her and it was! She liked a couple more photos over the months, and the followers kept growing (thanks, Kourt!) Note — we were soon culled and unfollowed. I still love her though.

When we reached the 5,000 follower mark, Bly (my sister) was like, "We have to do something with this Phoebs", and we started brainstorming ideas, and that’s where The Rhapsody started. The idea behind The Rhapsody was to be an online magazine to beautiful spaces which championed a bohemian luxe aesthetic. We would interview and photograph profiles homes which celebrated ‘bohemian luxe’ and featured them on the website with a shop the look function so that readers could recreate the look themselves at a reasonable cost.

We are from a musical family, and we knew we needed to change the name from ‘boho luxe interiors’ to something similar, but still meaningful and we thought The Rhapsody was perfect as its meaning in music is, “One-movement, free-flowing in structure and features a range of highly contrasted moods, colour, and tones", which we thought perfectly described our aesthetic. 


BIKINI:  How can one be featured on your social platform? How do you select images to feature?

PC: We select our images from multiple sources. It could be Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, or blogs I follow. We also use our own original content. We have featured several profiles on The Rhapsody who have the most incredible (and Insta-worthy) homes (Alanna Smit’s home and Kylie Hind's home to name two), so we are able to use a lot of our own imagery from these photo shoots on our social platforms. 

If I am out at a beautiful restaurant, friends house, or hotel, I love to take photographs of these spaces and use them on Instagram. I currently have 55,000 photos saved on my phone, so it's becoming a bit of a storage issue. I take photos of everything!

Ultimately, I like to make sure The Rhapsody has a good Insta flow. I do this by not only posting images of interiors and spaces, but I include travel pictures of beaches, hotels, anything tropical and flowers, textiles/tiles to break up the feed, so it's not too overwhelming to look at, but more like a visually beautiful gallery.

Some Instagram examples below.

Instagram inspiration

Instagram inspiration

Instagram inspiration

Instagram inspiration


BIKINI: Has interior decorating always been your passion? 

PC: Definitely! I grew up obsessing over interiors. I used to flick through my mum’s magazines at such a young age and cut out pages of homes and spaces which I would want for my dream home! I would also sketch floor plans of houses in my spare time; it could've been a two bedroom beach shack or a five bedroom mansion with a pool house. I have always loved making spaces beautiful and styling and rearranging.


BIKINI:  Where are you based out of? What's the company culture like? Intimate?

PC: We are based out of my sister’s studio in Collaroy, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The Rhapsody is run by Bly and myself, so yes, it is intimate. I love working with my sister and we both have similar style and taste, so everything just works. Bly does all the editorial and I look after the content and sourcing side of things.