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16 Mar

One Of A Kind Accessories

Posted by Bikini Owner

By Staff

Beautiful beaches are not the only special gems in Hawaii. Mother and daughter duo, Kim and Jade Ryusaki, share an incredible bond and a love for creating one of a kind masterpieces.

Staying true to their motto "one of a kind accessories inspired by the earth and sea", Kim and Jade work together as a team to create beautiful accessories that any beach and nature lover would adore. Each piece is made with equal amounts of love, effort, and nature’s gifts, which is what makes them so meaningful and unique.

Not only are their accessories adorable but they are also environmentally friendly. Kim and Jade are firm believers in recycling, reusing, and repurposing.

Photo Credit: Cari Lightfoot Pike Photography

Bikini:  Spending a lot of time together can put strain on a relationship. How do you manage to work together so well? 

Lotus and Lime: We have "learned" when to push, when to pull, when to support, and when to let go creatively, personally, and professionally.  It is not always easy, but we do treasure our time together. We respect one another's talents, gifts and contribution each day-that keeps us grounded.

Bikini:  How did you learn how to make jewelry?  Do you learn from each other?

Lotus and Lime: I guess we would have to say we are self-taught, but it is more about exploration and expression. We look at something and we see what it could be and then just go for it! We both work that way. As for learning from each other, we definitely do everyday, but it's more like looking through a window and seeing through another's eyes. It is so enlightening!  

Bikini:  Do you feel your age difference influences your jewelry? 

Lotus and Lime: For us, no. We vibe on the same frequency, and we complement one another's vision when we create. That is what makes Lotus & Lime ageless, which is pretty cool.

Bikini:  What are your must haves when going to the beach? 

Lotus and Lime: We always say our real must haves are, "a bikini, sunblock, and a smile”. Although I (Kim) prefer to also have a chair.

Bikini: Do you have a favorite beach?

Lotus and Lime:This is always a tough one because we have traveled and seen soooo many beautiful beaches in this world. It is very hard to just choose one, but we have narrowed it down to three, in no particular order. Taormina (Sicily, Italy), Makapuu (Oahu Hawaii), Waikiki (Oahu Hawaii), and Santorini, Greece is a close 4th.


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