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04 Oct

This Oil Is Our Sleek-Hair Secret


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Are we the only ones who are always chasing sleek, shiny hair? It might be because of our beach and pool obsession, but we find that no matter how gently we care for our hair, it's always feeling a bit too dry and frail. We've invested in silk pillowcases to fight frizz and have banned damaging ponytail ties from our gym bags to spare our strands the stress. Nevertheless, softness eludes us. One product that seems to be turning the tide, so to speak, is Marrakesh Hair Oil by Earthly Body. Deeply nourishing and restorative, the elixir is powered by Moroccan argan oil and hemp seed oil. We find that if we glide a few pumps through our hair when it's wet, it dries into softly rippling waves that feel insanely soft to the touch — it also seems to cut down on drying time by some feat of magic. 

Using oil in your hair after you've washed it might seem counterintuitive, but it's an age-old beauty ritual that goes back to ancient Greece (naturally, they used olive oil). Oil penetrates the hair shaft more deeply than a traditional conditioner and actually impacts the surface of the hair, unlike silicone-based smoothers which just sit on the strands but don't truly hydrate them. Here's a trick: for a deep-conditioning treat, saturate the ends and length of your hair with the oil, braid it, and then hit the hay. When you wake up in the morning, your hair will be transformed into silky-smooth tresses. It's also a genius product to pack into your beach bag since it really protects hair from the drying effects of salt or chlorine. 

We've added Earthly Body's Marrakesh Hair Oil to The Wanderlust because we know once you try it, you'll be obsessed with it, too. They're part of a stellar beauty lineup in the latest edition of our subscription box, which takes you to Casablanca. Our hand-curated mix of travel, wellness, beauty, and style gear is shipped directly to your door, chock full of goodies. Are you subscribed?