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17 Feb

My Favorite Beach: Kiana Cabell

Posted by Bikini Owner in Banzai Pipeline, Hawaiian beaches, Kiana Cabell, Kopari, Oahu


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She's from Hawaii, so it's no surprise that Kopari co-founder Kiana Cabell is in love with a beach on Oahu. And man, do we get it—naturally beautiful and offering a vastly different experience depending on the season, her top pick is one that begs to be visited year-round. Also? It's called Banzai Pipeline, guys. Best name ever. 

"I love going to Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu pretty much any time of year. If it's winter and the waves are monstrous, I'll sit and watch all of the incredible big wave surfers. Whereas during summer, the water is still and the sand is vast and pristine, so I'll typically head out with my favorite bikini and bottled water and I always make sure to pick up an acai bowl across the street". -Kiana Cabell