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23 Jun

Paparazza Logan Fazio Chases Celebrities in a Bikini

Working in a bikini all day has given Logan Fazio quite the reputation. While shooting celebs on the beaches of Miami, the “Pin-Up Paparazzo” has become a celeb herself. Read our exclusive interview with the daring and bold photographer.  

When was the first time you wore a bikini to work? And what did all the boys say?

I've been working as a paparazzo for over five years now and I work with mostly all guys. I would usually dress like them, in a loose t-shirt and cargo shorts, with a bikini under my clothes just for comfort. The first time I was photographed in a bikini was when I was hanging out on the beach with my friend — and model — Claudia Romani. I decided to stand up and take a few photos of her when the guys happened to be around. They started shooting pictures of me shooting pictures of her. Honestly, it was something we had all joked about before. They knew I wanted to see what it felt like to be on the other side of the camera, and they were more than happy to oblige.

Bikinis don’t always stay on the way you want. Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions on the job?

I once decided to wear some “chicken cutlets” under a bandeau bikini top with a denim vest to the beach. As I was talking to someone, I felt something weird on my ribs, underneath the vest. My not-so-natural enhancement had left its home and was traveling south! I grabbed it and tossed it in my bag and hoped nobody saw. Never again will I wear those to the beach. I just have to work with what I've got.

Do you have a favorite style or cut?

When I'm shopping, I tend to favor the traditional triangle top. They're what I always wore growing up so there's a bit of nostalgia there, plus I think they flatter my small top better than most other styles. With so many fun, new trends coming out all the time, I'm always open to trying new styles. I also really like the crop top or rash guard trend that's happening right now, especially since they can double as actual clothing! For bottoms, I love the ruched or scrunch back, Brazilian, or anything “cheeky.”

How many bikinis do you own and how do keep them organized?

Oh my gosh, I have bikinis everywhere! They are on every towel rack and doorknob. They are in the shower and the closet. They are like little colorful artworks all over the place! I don't really have them organized. I always thought it would be cool to have one of those vintage suitcases from the 50s with the satin lining, and just keep them all in there. But I'd probably fill it up too quickly!

Any tips for keeping your bikinis looking good as new?

I usually just take mine in the shower with me or hand-wash it in cold water right after I take it off. I would never put one in the washing machine or the dryer. Who knows what could happen to the poor little things in there?

Which celeb has the best beach body?

I like photographing curvy women who really fill out a bikini. It always reads better in pictures than someone who is really thin. Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Lopez are some of my obvious choices. One celeb that I shot recently, who might surprise you, was Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi. She looked absolutely stunning and was super sweet about it. She just had the right cut and color for her amazing body and she wore a big smile on her face, too. The pictures were just amazing. I remember editing the photos and thinking, “Who knew she was this sexy?”

The best male beach body is easy. The winner, by far, is True Blood star, Joe Manganiello. Oh. Em. Gee.

You dabble in street-style photography on your blog, These Miami Streets. How does your approach for shooting style differ from shooting celebs?

It’s exactly the same! I like to hang back and just get the person walking or acting naturally. This way the viewer can really see how the garment flows or how the bikini looks on a real person rather than someone staring down the lens with their hand on their hip.

I definitely like to apply my paparazzi skills when shooting street style. It's fun.  Afterward, if I want to find out the designer, I have to go up to the person and politely explain how I photographed them without them knowing. At this point you see a lot of things happening in their facial expression. Then I show them the back of my camera and most fashionistas are thrilled that I made a beautiful, paparazzi-style picture of them rocking their ensemble that they probably worked pretty hard to put together and just hoped someone would notice.