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25 Aug

Meet The Real-Life Mermaid Committed To Saving The Coral Reefs

Posted by Bikini Owner in amandina huo, Huoyeah, mermaid, reef protector, wechat


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There are mermaids and there are mermaids: real-deal aqua obsessives who just thrive in/near/for the sea. Amandina Huo (call her Huoyeah) is, undoubtedly, a legit mermaid making huge waves in the eco-conservation world as an incredibly dedicated reef protector. As a prominent blogger in China with over 400,000 WeChat followers, Huo is quick to educate about the decline of the reef and also selflessly forgoes sunscreen due to the impact it has on its health. Less impactful (but not less important), on a style level she also kills it in the mermaid-themed accessory dept.

We were stoked to connect with her this summer and look forward to seeing her conservation efforts take flight. In the meantime? We're sourcing mermaid tails asap. 

Right now I'm in (part of the world): Beijing

The last bikini I bought was from: River Island

Hat or sunglasses: Rayban

Favorite sunscreen: When I am on the land I use ALLIE sunscreen. But when I’m in the sea, I choose not to use ANY sunscreen, because most of the sunscreen products on the market are chemical sunblocks which contain oxybenzone and ocinoxate—even a tiny drop of these could cause the death of coral reef. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices for the things you really care about.  If you must use sunscreen while swimming, a sunscreen that uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to prevent the UVA and UVB instead of oxybenzone and ocinoxate — STREAM2SEA is the safest. But if you can, you should still remove them from your face before you go diving or surfing. 

Beauty product I can't live without: Body lotion from Le Labo's Rose 31, I love the rose scent. 

At the beach I always have my: Mermaid tail and a huge bottle of ice water with lemon. 

Coffee or tea? Coffee please

My favorite place to travel is: Rome in Italy and Panglao island in Philippines. My city soul is in Rome and my island soul is in Panglao.  

Instagram account everyone should follow (other than yours!): Earthpix, for those of you who love traveling. thedogist for dog-lovers.  

My go-to workout is: 90 minutes of yoga, with a lot of strength building sequences and stretching. 


A post shared by Amandina (@huoyeah) on

Favorite summer snack: Coconut! 

Go-to summer cocktail: Aperol is one of my favorite in summertime if I’m in the city. On the beach in the Philippines you can buy a fresh cold coconut with rum in it – best drink for lazing around on the beach. 

My #summergoals are: To teach my bestie how to swim and mermaid with her. Very challenging because she is afraid of water!

Biggest inspiration: The team at Infinity Expedition. They're an amazing community of divers/sailors/sea lovers/gypsies. 


A post shared by Amandina (@huoyeah) on

Where I haven't been that I most want to go:  One: Galapagos Islands, a must-do for all divers. Two: an adventure with Sea Gypsies Infinity 

Real tan or faux: Real 

You'd be surprised to know that I: I adopted four dogs and eight cats