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04 Sep

Meet Parcel, AKA The Future of Online Shopping

Posted by Bikini Owner

Parcel Shopping Website

Clearly we love online shopping here at—it makes our world go round. But one problem we often encounter when we're virtually browsing (and loving everything we see) is that a web shopping sesh often ends abruptly and leaves us with 79 open tabs, zero plans for re-grouping, and many wistful thoughts of suede mules, fringed bikinis, and that cute denim jacket we saw......where was that from?

Parcel, a start-up shopping organizer site and app that aims to put an end to endless tabs and help you 'get your shit together', is our new e-hero. By using a Pinterest-ish board-based model, you can cull all of your potential purchases together in a clean, intuitive way, and put a budget cap on your spending, making it easy to separate your 'Fall 2016 Must-Have' purchases-to-be from, say, your apartment redecorating wish list or your athleisure goals for the season, all the while keeping an eye on the total amount of cash you're blowing in the process. While it might seem like that means Parcel is, essentially, a shopping enabler, it's actually the opposite. Founder Marissa Gibbons says "impulse buying is dying in general, and we want to help consumers curate wardrobes that they really love but that also really work for their lives."

Gibbons created Parcel to corral her own online shopping life, as she found it hard to keep track of what she actually needed vs. what she was really purchasing for herself and her young daughter. She knew that if she felt a need for this type of tool, there had to be others out there who were looking to streamline their own shopping process,  too. She recently told Refinery29 "From the Marie Kondo phenomenon to the obsession with French style, I think it’s all coming from a desire to put ourselves together in a more thoughtful, cohesive, and authentic way." Here's how it works. You sign up for Parcel (invite-only right now, but here's your exclusive access), then set up the 'parcels' you plan to populate, which can be anything, a nursery plan, wedding gear-up, vacay wardrobe, etc. You give that parcel a budget, add Parcel's extension widget to your toolbar, and get shopping. When you find something you love, you click the Parcel icon in your toolbar, which will prompt you to select the parcel you want to add those great ankle boots to. Their loaded in, and you can keep on shopping without fear of navigating away from that tab or leaving it open for weeks while you decide if you're going to pull the trigger. 

In a perfect retail world, when you return to your home Parcel page, the items you've been coveting all add up to the ultimate, cohesive storyboard of how you want your closet to look. If not? Well than maybe some of the items you thought you were sweet on lose their luster, and you're saved from purchasing a swimsuit or a pair of heels you really, actually, don't need. See? Shopping hero. Since it's still in early launch you might find some bugs or tweaky bits—team Parcel absolutely wants to know about them, and the site is pretty cool about communicating with members in a transparent, non-invasive way. All those bikinis you're planning to stock up on for resort time? Put'em in a parcel.