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01 May

Meet Indie Influencer Nesha Torres

Posted by Bikini Owner in @neshatorres @shotbynesha, Nesha Torres


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Seeing the world through photographer and stylist Nesha Torres' eyes is a colorful trip. With her unique approach and unfiltered style, she creates looks and visuals that have serious energy — whether she's snapping a whimsical shot of herself off-duty or composing a campaign. The Puerto Rico-born, L.A. based influencer weaves a tropical vibe into everything she does, which is how she caught our eye on Insta. Getting to know her more was major fun. 

Right now I'm in (part of the world): Currently writing this from my home office in Hollywood, CA.

I can’t stop listening to: I've been playing Zhu's new record a lot lately. It's dope!

Hat or sunglasses: I'm really into both actually, I feel like these pieces really set the look. I wear a lot of basics, so accessories like hats and colorful sunglass are a good addition to any "basic" look.

Favorite sunscreen: Sun Bum everything. It smells amazing and doesn't leave my skin incredibly oily. I love their lip balms too.

Beauty product I can't live without: The entire Osea Collection. For the last couple years, my skin was something that I really battled with and I tried heaps of products to try and get results and I wasn't getting anything. Finally, a friend of mine told me about this amazing product and I reached out to them with my questions and concerns, they sent me some samples to try and see if it was something that worked for me and I saw results. After a long trial and error, I finally found something that worked for me. All the products are natural, made from the ocean.


A post shared by Nesha Torres (@neshatorres) on

At the beach I always have my: Towel big enough for four people and sunscreen for my tattoos and face. I am constantly reapplying to make sure I don't get burnt or so that my tattoos don't start to fade. I also bring my Corkcicle water bottle. It keeps everything cold. The large one is great for a cocktail on the beach, too.

Coffee or tea? Coffee all day long. If I don't have coffee, my day is going nowhere fast.

My favorite place to travel is: I always lean more towards the tropics. I may be biased since I am from Puerto Rico, but that island is the most beautiful place in the world to me. It has so many unique characteristics, history and beaches.

Instagram account everyone should follow (other than yours!): @teganphillipa for amazing style and travel photos, @mstr_of_disguise — she's the dopest stylist around right now (this girl is fire), and @annaherrin for smiles, bikinis and tacos.

First thing I do when I wake up: Coffee first, then I dive into emails if I don't have a shoot lined up, sometimes I don't realize how long I've been working until I finally realize it's 1:30 p.m. and my stomach is empty, haha. 

My go-to workout is: Yoga for anything. Helps my mind, body and soul.

Favorite snack: Cut-up Granny Smith apples and peanut butter. I can also get down on any kind of shake, too.

Must-have cocktail: I used to be able to say that I loved Jameson and ginger all night but now I'm super basic with alcohol and don't drink very much. I'm definitely more of a beer drinker if anything. 

My #lifegoals are: To live in a van and travel around the world for at least one year and camp in every single national park.


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Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Greece, Australia and Japan are major on my list.

When I daydream I think about: Beaches, hot sand, and sweaty, oily skin. 

If I wasn't a photographer I'd be a talent manager. 

Real tan or faux: I'm all about the real tan. It looks the best. I know being out in the sun too much is bad for your skin, but fake tans are embarrassing and messy no matter how great your place is. So, who really wins here?



A post shared by Nesha Torres (@neshatorres) on

I'm never without my: Phone. It's attached to me. Other than my phone, it'd have to be my THC lip balm. It feels amazing on your lips!

You'd be surprised to know that I: Used to be a competitive swimmer, photographed heavy metal and hardcore bands on tour, and lived in Iceland once.

True personal style is: Whatever you want it to be! If you like it, rock it. Matching isn't always necessary, be bold and brave with fashion ... at the end of the day, it's just clothes. I change my look every day. It all depends on my mood and my vibe that morning.