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04 Sep

Maternity Swim Guide

Posted by Bikini Owner


A photo posted by Gala Serré (@galaserre) on


Since we obviously live and breathe the bikini lifestyle, it won't surprise you that we spend, shall we say, a lot of time ogling all things beach and swim online—when we came across My Bikini MustHaves, a gorgeous lifestyle site helmed by Dutch blogger Gala Serré, it was love at first site (pun intended). Serré's impeccable style and free-spirited approach to beachy living is all we want, all day long. Since she basicallly lives in swimwear, it's a no brainer that she'd approach maternity swim with zest (she's expecting her first baby this winter!). We asked Serré to curate a smart shopping guide for our mamas-to-be, which you'll find below. 

When you’re pregnant, a lot of changes are happening in your life—inside and out. And although you can hardly influence how your body is changing, you can influence the way you look during your pregnancy. Especially when it comes to swimwear. During my pregnancy I’ve been even more conscious about my body and it’s been so interesting to see how that has affected my beach style (I didn’t start a site called My Bikini MustHaves for nothing!) and I’m so excited to be sharing some of the intel I’ve gleaned by giving you swimsuit advice for each trimester. Every female body is different and we face enough changes while being pregnant — so it’s important to wear something that will make you feel good and proud about your body. Are you planning your babymoon at the moment? Than this guide is a must-read!

First trimester (0-3 months)
In the first weeks after finding out that you’re pregnant, you probably won’t notice a lot of changes to your body — you might even wonder if you really are pregnant! Soon this will change because your clothes won’t fit like they used to, and that applies to swimwear, too. In the first months of your pregnancy you may feel the need to cover your bloated belly or fuller hips. You can do so by wearing a high-waist bottom or one-piece. I personally liked to wear a swimsuit that gave me a little bit more support at my waist and belly — this is not harmful at this stage because your bundle of joy is perfectly hidden and protected. Since your body is starting to change, I would stay away from swimwear with cut-outs around your waist. Because you hold more fluid, your hips can look fuller than normal. So don’t focus on this area by wearing revealing cut-outs or tight straps. Instead, highlight your fuller breasts (if you feel comfortable with that) and go for a slimming one—piece with a deeper cleavage like the one from Oye swimwear. Another great brand for slimming one pieces is JETS Swimwear.


KORE Athena high-waist bikini
This bikini accentuates the hips due to the contrasting panels, and the thick waist band gives extra support. Looks great on tanned skin.

KORE Bikini

KORE Athena top, $112 and high waist bottom, $114


OYE Swimwear Lea one-piece
This Lea one-piece is perfect if you want to steal the show on the beach. The deep cleavage and high-thigh cuts highlight the female silhouette, and the striking color makes you stand out without feeling uncomfortable about your changing body.

OYE Swimwear One Piece

OYE Swimwear Lea one piece, $350


Norma Kamali Halter Mio one-piece:
If you really want to cover your belly and waist, this is the one — still sophisticated enough due to the plunging neckline and open back. A timeless piece what you’ll wear also after your pregnancy.

Norma Kamali one piece

Norma Kamali Halter Mio one piece, $365


Second trimester (4-6 months)
At the beginning of this trimester, you will start to feel better — trust me! They say the second trimester is the best trimester and I have experienced this as well. You get your energy back and it’s finally time to share the good news with the world! By this time, everyone can see that you’re pregnant, so why hide it any longer? Show everyone your beautiful baby belly by wearing bikinis! If you can, keep wearing your old favorite bikinis. But if they’re too small, go ahead and threat yourself to a new one. Since my breasts grew a whole cup size in this trimester I personally preferred a bikini top with a little more support than normal. Thicker straps or underwire tops are a good solution, and also halter crop tops are perfect if you prefer more coverage. 


House of AU+ORA bikini
This T-back top with beautiful stitching is your new bikini must-have! The bottom is a bit higher on the hips but still cheeky in the back.

House of Au+ORA bikini

House of Au+ORA Foxy Lady top, $100 and Easy Rider bottom, $96


FERN crop-top bikini
If you feel uncomfortable with your bigger cup size but don’t want to hide your bump in a one-piece, a bikini crop top is the best solution. Some brands even offer underwire in the crop tops for extra support.

Fern Bikini

FERN Chelsea top, $85 and Drizzle bottom, $82


Third trimester (7-9 months)
OK, so now you’re starting to feel big. Huge, actually. The most important thing with finding suitable swimwear during your third trimester is that it has to be comfortable, whether it’s a longer torso one-piece or a bikini with extra support. In this stage you don’t want to worry about strappy swimsuits or boobs falling out of your top. I suggest avoiding tie-side bottoms—when your belly is so big, this type of bottom doesn’t flatter your body because your proportions are so drastically altered with a rounder belly. A better option is to wear medium-coverage bottoms instead. If you don’t like wearing bikinis anymore in your third trimester go for maternity one-pieces. During last Swim Week in Miami, I discovered a couple of super-sexy maternity swimsuits at the Hot As Hell runway show. They will not be available until early next year in their 2017 collection — but they looked so comfortable and super stylish!


Tori Praver one-piece
If you don’t want to wear the traditional maternity swimsuits, this smocked style by Tori Praver is the next best thing. Due to the elastic fabric, it forms to your body and feels amazing.

Tori Praver one piece

Tori Praver Magnolia one piece, $165


Mia Marcelle stretch one-piece
This one-piece covers the whole front of the body and has an open back, so it stretches along with your growing belly. And the color is perfect on every skin tone!

Mia Marcelle One Piece

Mia Marcelle Chloe one piece, $154


Beach Joy underwire bikini
A firm and colorful bikini with underwire for extra support. Loose the straps to streamline your silhouette and highlight your voluptuous preggo bosom! 

Beach Joy Bikini

Beach Joy Color Block top, $35 and bottom, $35