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10 May

Magic Eye: Torrey West

Posted by Bikini Owner in beach photography, swim photography, torrey west


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When we can't be at the beach, we want to be looking at the beach — which is why our Insta feed is chock full of gorgeous shore shots courtesy of some of the most exciting up-and-coming photographers of the moment. Torrey West caught our eye with his glistening bikini babes and stylish fashion shoots — the Venice-based shutterbug sure knows his way around his native California coast. We realized when we chatted with West that his beach love runs as deep as ours, so it's no wonder we're Insta kindred spirits. 

BIKINI: What is so alluring about shooting on the beach?

Torrey West: I grew up surfing with my family and friends and always have had a great respect and love for the beach and coast in general  ... It's magical and I feel blessed having been able to grew up in such a beautiful place 

BIKINI: The sun can make shore shots tricky — what are your top tips for nailing that perfect beach shot? 

Torrey West: Middle of the day full sun can be tricky. I love the mornings, and generally morning or evening has the best light. If I have to shoot in the afternoon I am just extra aware of shadows — I don't use much light modification unless I have to.



A post shared by Torrey West (@torreywest) on

BIKINI: Do you have a favorite beach locale to shoot at?

Torrey West: When I am home in Venice I shoot a lot of L.A. and Ventura County beaches — anywhere from Manhattan Beach to Malibu. Can't give away all my spots!

BIKINI: Tell us who your fave Insta photographers are.

Torrey West: So many good photographers today. A couple of friends I grew up are great — I've always loved Adam Franzino and Harper Smith's work. Then, there are photographers like Brydie Mack,who are younger up-and-coming and killing it. I love it.

BIKINI: Do you have any tricks for setting the vibe on a shoot?

Torrey West: You just have to keep the energy good. I'm a pretty mellow dude, but I demand hard work and professionalism from everyone. As long as people know their jobs and give 100 percent it's all good.


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BIKINI: Do you have a signature type of shot?

Torrey West: People really love my beach/swim stuff, I try to give every shoot its own little signature style.


BIKINI: What's your fave time of day to shoot?

Torrey West: I love the crack of dawn or like ten minutes after sunset — always magical light. 


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BIKINI:  Are there any brands or models who you are dying to collab with?

Torrey West:  I would love to work in the future with Sports Illustrated, Paul Marciano at Guess, Free People, and too many others to name. As far as models — HI Rose Bertram!