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10 Jun

Literally All of the Bikinis Ever Worn on Mad Men

Posted by Bikini Owner in mad men

If you've ever switched on a television, you know that Mad Men — AMC's seven-season-long examination of love, loss, and exquisite ’60s dressing, as conjured up by genius costume designer Janie Bryant — ends this Sunday. Some fates are known, others, we expect will remain a mystery.

One thing we do know is that everyone will look amazing — whether we see just Don, in his new-look aviators and khakis, or get one last moment with Joan (in her jewel-tone dresses), Roger (in his three-piece suits), or Peggy (in either her 1960 twin sets or 1970 sunglasses from her march to McCann.) 

Above, we pay tribute to the show in a uniquely Bikini way: with all the swimsuits, ever, on the show's seven-season run. (Literally. All of them! Even the ones worn by extras! And one special guy's suit, worn by one of our favorite characters.) 

And hey — if all those high-waisted suits have you looking for something similar, we'd like to suggest a certain Tori Praver....