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19 Apr

Kimberly Snyder shares her best secrets

Posted by Bikini Owner

Kimberly Snyder is our all-time fave nutritionist and a best-selling author to boot. As a lead guide on Yoga Girl’s oneOeight project and the GLOW queen, this yogi and soon-to-be-mommy has it all figured out — and below, she gives us her best advice to kickstart 2016. Chakra eating, anyone?



On Rachel Brathen’s oneOeight project, you discuss eating for your chakras — can you brief us on this?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel.” Chakras are seven energy centers that concentrate along your spine, and affect your health in all aspects — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They are at the center of many ancient medical and healing practices, and more Western approaches are starting to recognize them and harness the potential of working with them to foster deeper levels of health and healing  — similar to how there is now increasing research to back up the benefits of acupuncture, which also works with energy centers that can’t be seen with the physical eyes.

The more balanced you become and the more energy can flow freely, the less weight and other energy you tend to hold on to. “Stuck” energy in your body can lead to impaired tissue and organ function, accelerated aging, lowered immunity, and more. In The Beauty Detox Foods, I introduce you to the chakras, their properties, how you know whether they are in balance or in need of balance, and share recipes tailored specifically for those needs. Our emotions, feelings, thoughts — which make up our overall energy — have a large effect on our weight and on our long-term health.

All the chakras are important for health because they correspond to different organs. We all know how stress can affect our overall health, and the functioning of your heart. What’s lesser known is how it can affect our weight — but it can. From the Western perspective, an upset stomach means an upset stomach. But according to the chakra-based approach, an upset stomach could stem from too much mind-created anxiety, which creates an imbalance of energy in the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with your fire element. This chakra is positioned right above your navel, and when imbalanced, it can contribute physically to chaos in your stomach. Constant nervous anxiety in the stomach can eventually manifest as ulcers and other forms of digestive distress. And hindered or inefficient digestion can cause one to hold on to wastes and matter in general, making it harder to lose weight.



January is all about setting goals and resolutions. How do we make sure to reach our goals in 2016?

According to one study, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions are often too complex and wrapped into one resolution, so it’s best to simplify your goal. Choose a goal that you can turn into a mantra that’s always in the forefront of your mind.

Having a degree of the measurability — for example, rather than saying you want to do the Glowing Green Smoothie program you can make it a goal to want to make the Glowing Green Smoothie for X amount of days a week. We look at New Year's as the end-all, be-all for doing these resolutions, but instead we can look at it as a way to evolve. It can be a starting point on a path of doing the Glowing Green Smoothie three days a week. After a few months, you can revisit that goal once you achieve it and it becomes an established part of your life — then you can turn the goal into five days a week and so on. Rather than making enormous goals, make them attainable.



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They say baby-steps are best when trying to change eating habits, but where does one begin?

A first and easy step to start strengthening your digestion is to stop drinking water with meals. By drinking water with meals, you are diluting your digestive juices that are needed to break down foods, thus slowing down digestion and creating bloating — and wasting what I call Beauty Energy.

Next, put the cheese down. Eliminate dairy, as dairy is congestive and difficult for most people to digest. It contains high levels of the protein casein, and in general can be bloating and energy-zapping, as well as possibly contribute to skin issues like dullness and acne. Dairy is not people food! It’s for baby cows. Let’s obey the laws of nature. Switch to almond milk, and if you really love cheese switch to goat cheese, which digests easier.

When adding foods into your diet you should be very particular — eat real food. By this, I mean no processed food or anything that comes with a list of ingredients.



What's the best way to beat that post-holidays sluggish feeling?

Aside from a doing a cleanse, probiotics are a powerful combination that promote beauty, improve your digestion and lead to significant improvements in your overall health, wellness and beauty. Probiotics are more effective and I recommend taking an actual, highly effective supplement. Many probiotics boast big numbers for their culture count, but it doesn’t really mean anything if it doesn't allow the gut to truly flourish, or if it isn’t the right mix of strains our gut needs. I highly recommend SBO, or soil-based organism probiotics, since this mimics the perfect mix of bacterium in the soil and the small amount of soil our ancestors used to eat on garden-harvested veggies that helps create healthy soil and also nourishes our gut in the ideal way — and therefore our overall health and beauty. Switching to SBO probiotics has made a world of difference for me and my clients in reducing bloating, increasing energy and the absorption of beauty nutrients. Check out my website for more info to how to source.



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What’s the fastest and safest way to loose holiday weight?

Cleanses are wonderfully helpful when you feel you need extra support to get back to a healthy lifestyle, or if you’ve fallen far off track and are giving in to your addictions and cravings so much that you feel you need to hit the reset button. Some people like to do the Ready Level 1 or 2 1-Day cleanse weekly from Glow Bio, or schedule the longer cleanses on a monthly or periodic basis. Once again, though, do not view any short-term cleanse as the ultimate in getting rid of all the toxins in your body. They will not. Think about how long you’ve been eating a certain way. All the toxins are not going to magically disappear in a few days. Toxins constantly accumulate. Use the cleanses as tools as part of your overall health strategy, and to help jumpstart you to better long-term health habits.