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30 Nov

Karma And Luck: Super-Powered Jewelry

Posted by Bikini Owner


A photo posted by Karma And Luck (@karma_and_luck_) on


Jewelry is always meant to dazzle, but lately, being pretty isn't enough. When we stumbled upon Karma And Luck, a collection of inspired jewelry pieces that bring together iconic imagery from cultures and religions around the globe, we loved the look of the polished beads and fringed tassels. But once we realized that many of the pieces were crafted with high-energy, healing gems and natural stones, we realized that this line wasn't just another pretty face—it had a soul, a depth that went beyond pure decoration. Founded with a vision of joining together the most iconic cultural icons and global style, each piece is designed to bring peace, strength and serenity. We're thrilled to have them as a partner for The Wanderlust, our subscription box. 

A quick perusal of the Karma And Luck collection turns up a treasure trove of talismen and gemstones, from raw geodes to glittering amethysts to buddhas and hands of Fatima, all created to transfer the power of the stones to the wearer and provide protection, inspiration, and security. With the crystal craze at full tilt right now (read this guide to decorating with them for proof), we're all for jewelry that charges us up or helps us calm down, and the folks at Karma And Luck have every angle covered. Here's a guide to the protective symbols, healing energies and powerful properties that make Karma And Luck's jewelry so special. 


A photo posted by Karma And Luck (@karma_and_luck_) on

A glittering amethyst pendant and polished amethyst bead bracelets. 

Amethyst: relaxing, clarifying. Amethysts have a stabilizing energy that fosters peace and calm. Wearing an amethyst (we love this one) can enhance psychic abilities and help you open your mind. It's a stone that's great for meditation and perfect to keep on your desk for enhancing focus. 

Hamsa: An ancient talisman that symbolizes feminine power, the Hamsa is worn traditionally in the Middle East and North Africa to ward off the evil eye.  


A photo posted by Karma And Luck (@karma_and_luck_) on

Filigree hamsa pendant.  

Black onyx: A popular choice in many of Karma And Luck's designs, this stone is associated with the root chakra, which rules your sense of safety and security. Wearing it protects your energy levels and provides a sense of protection. This bead bracelet shows how beautiful the onyx stone is. 

Jade: Known as the 'royal gem' in ancient China, jade bracelets like this one have been worn for centuries as a powerful stone thought to attract wisdom and balance and harmony between the mind and body. 

Buddha: One of the founding symbols of Karma And Luck, the Buddha represents inner calm and good luck. Wearing the ancient symbol is a reminder of the spirit of meditation, generosity, and awakening that the Buddha represents. 

Whether you're seeking a meditative calm or a sense of security and protection, there's a Karma And Luck's design to aid you on your journey—wherever it may take you.