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06 Nov

Ivy Miller's Fave Bikinis for Surfing

Posted by Bikini Owner

Ivy Miller surfing

Whether she’s riding waves at her usual Cali breaks, on a Mexican surf trip, or heading to a retreat in Bali, Ivy Miller does it in killer bikini style — so we asked for her faves.

Basta Surf Reversible Caicos Crop Top, $108 This top is great for surfing because it keeps your boobies out of the sun and holds everything in place! 

Basta Surf bikini


Acacia Secrets Top, $110 The wide straps are soft on your skin when you paddle out — yet also perfect, with minimal fabric for good tan lines. The olive color accents sun-kissed skin when you’re out surfing! 

Acacia bikini for surfing


Kovey Printed Swell Top, $71  This is my golden surf top. The material and the way it is created makes it stay on perfectly when I'm surfing! Nothing worse than a nip slip while you’re about to take off on a wave! 

Kovey Swell bikini