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08 Jun

Humanitarian Beauty: Scarlett De La Torre

Posted by Bikini Owner in elpida project, scarlett de la torre

Scarlett De La Torre is not your run-of-the-mill bikini-clad influencer. The Hong-Kong born globetrotter may spend her life on in a DJ booth on gorgeous beaches, but her intentions and efforts to make the world a better majorly overshadow her glam Insta life.

De La Torre has spearheaded humanitarian efforts in India and Greece to work with survivors of human trafficking and displaced refugees, bringing her love of music to their lives as a balm and coping tool. We love it when a pretty face proves to be even more beautiful on the inside, don't you? She chatted with us while on the ground in Thessaloniki, Greece at the Elpida Home, where she's volunteering this summer. 

BIKINI: Humanitarian efforts aren't always what we think of when we hear 'influencer' — you've got a lot on your plate already, but these efforts seem really close to your heart. Tell us how you came to work with your humanitarian partners. 

SD: I have been working with Beauty for Freedom for my first mission to provide instruments and music instruction to survivors of human trafficking at New Light in Kollkata, India. It was something that I approached with much doubt in the beginning, then on a flight from Doha-Maldives, I closed my eyes asked the universe for a sign — was this work was the right path for me? Was it the right time, was I even qualified to do this work? When I opened my eyes, I saw a piece of paper on the floor, and though my seat was obstructing some of the words, what I read was, "FIGHT TO END HUMAN TRAFFICKING YOUR CALL." If that isn’t a clear sign from above, show me what is! Then I was certain that my calling was to go to India and to be of service through music. I raised funds to donate instruments to the New Light shelters, stayed for three weeks to teach music fundamentals, and sat with the survivors and their children and sang songs in pure love and care. 

After my India project, I was hungry to spread this music mission to other marginalized people of society, and as if by magic I was introduced to the Elpida Project by a friend who introduced me to the founder, Ahmed Khan. I then committed to apply the same formula as my India mission to Elpida Home for refugees, and was joined by the beautiful and talented flutist Giselle Real d’Arbelles to be my partner in teaching and service. We are on the ground now assessing the needs of the home and volunteering with the refugee residents. We are very grateful for the founders and volunteers of Elpida for providing a safe space for these refugee families, and it is an honor for us both to be here and to work with them. 


BIKINI: Globe-trotting seems to be par for the course for you — can you tell us about your absolute favorite places to visit, or live?

SD: My most favorite places in the world are Mauritius and Bali, they are two places that my heart calls home. I’ve spent a lot of time in both places over the past 2 years. They're amazing places to surf, I love that they are both oceanic and mountainous and I appreciate the multi-cultural, spiritually-attuned Hindu energy. These are two island paradises that draw me in and make my heart sing. 

BIKINI: How did you get into DJing? Whats your favorite kind of DJ gig?

SD: I’ve been DJing all around the globe for over a decade. My favourite kind of DJing is a party at the beach, under the moon. Beach Rouge at the LUX* Belle Mare, Mauritius is a favorite spot. 


BIKINI: How did you team up with swim label Paolita for the Elpida fundraiser? 

SD: I set the intention to find a partner for the charity work the I’m doing and Anna Paola, founder of Paolita, actually reached out to me, saying she had heard of my mission and wanted to pledge a percentage of sales towards the work. Paolita has been a huge supporter of my mission at Elpida Home in Thessaloniki, and for my next mission we have designed a capsule collection which will support a project in Mauritius to keep the tradition of Sega music alive throughout the poorest villages on the island. I love the brand and the prints so much — I love wearing and representing Paolita on my island adventures with the deep hidden meaning of a good cause. It’s magic. 

BIKINI: What's your plan for this summer?

SD: This summer I’ll be volunteering as a music teacher and healer at Elpida Home, as well as doing some gigs around Europe at places like Scorpios, Mykonos. Summer will end for me at the Singapore Grand Prix in September, where I’ve been invited to perform and DJ.