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29 Jan

The Hidden Hawaiian Beach All the Locals Love

Posted by Bikini Owner in @chicdisheveled, jessica hunter, Ke’e beach


A post shared by Jessica Hunter (@chicdisheveled) on

Jessica Hunter of @chicdisheveled has already proven herself to be an expert traveler — she's who we tapped for the ultimate in minimal packing hacks, after all. So it's not surprising, not in the least, that she's discovered what is perhaps the world's most beautiful beach. Of course, she's given us the full lowdown. Meet you in Kauai?

"I spent the last few days on a recent trip to the Hawaiian Islands on Kauai, and even though it is the second rainiest/wettest place on Earth, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. During our time on Kauai, I visited the most breathtaking beach I've ever been to — locals call it 'the end of the road' because of its proximity to the tip of the island — but its proper name is Ke’e beach, and it is the idyllic Hawaiian shore. Off the beaten path (literally), Ke’e has incredibly stunning, Insta-worthy scenery, cliff diving, and warm, swimmable water. 

"Because it is so remote, we had the beach to ourselves — for the most part, save for a small group of college-aged kids having the time of their lives in the surf. In true Kauai fashion, it began to rain so we ducked under the trunk of a giant tree with big twisty roots and watched the rainfall. After about 10 minutes it slowly subsided, and two rainbows began to appear over the ocean. Such a magical place, and by far the most beautiful beach I have been to in Hawaii." — Jessica Hunter