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06 Apr

Hanacure Mask Review: Shocking Results

Posted by Bikini Owner in before and after, hanacure, magical, mask, skincare

Okay. After seeing my social media feed flooded by ads, major celebrities, and my favorite beauty bloggers, I just couldn’t fight my curiosity any longer. Just what is this “Hanacure” hype all about?

The before and after photos all over Instagram and Facebook are ridiculously mind-blowing...

One magical mask that combines the best of your serums, night creams, and anti-aging products into one crazy looking application? Yea right. I’m a strong believer that anything too good to be true is, well, too good to be true!



Let me tell you, the list of celebs that have posted about this is pretty damn impressive: Drew Barrymore, January Jones, Kelly MacDonald, Rumer Willis, Kelis, Olivia Culpo, and Michael C. Hall just to name a few. After reading Drew Barrymore’s post about how this 30 min mask made her look 10 years younger (that’s one serious claim people), I knew this mask was worth looking into.

All of their videos are addicting to watch, as I stare in awe their famous faces transform from a weird creepy state into a too good to be true glowy finish. All backed up with actual after posts showing their followers that Hanacure is the best at home facial treatment they have ever done.





More convinced, but not 100% yet, I decided to research a bit more on what Hanacure actually is, science-wise. I read on Hanacure’s website that their patented “OctoLift” technology is active with botanical extracts and peptides and that they don’t formulate with harmful ingredients (parabens, sulfates, phthalates). While in my full research mode, I also learned that dermatologists on Self magazine had supported Hanacure's ingredients. Even a group of doctors on The Doctors TV Show “Buzz Or Bust” segment had put Hanacure to the test and called it a Buzz.

More importantly, I also like that they conducted clinical studies and posted the results in a month time frame and included it on their website.



Needless to say, I finally decided to give this a go and purchased a Set from their website. When it arrived, the packaging was beautiful but I did find it to be a bit wasteful. However, I do love the luxurious brush that’s included and any beauty fanatic knows one like that would cost around $20 in stores.

I followed the instructions included in the box and began by washing my face. After patting it dry and mixing up the formula, I painted the mask all over my face and neck. It felt really cold but went on smooth. I sat back and tried to relax as the mask began to tighten. Like really tighten, pulling my skin back! I could feel my blood cells being pushed to the surface of my skin.

After about 30 minutes, I went to the bathroom and rinsed the mask off with water. My skin felt a sudden release as the mask melted off. The tightening didn’t get too uncomfortable, but I must admit that my face thanked me and felt relieved to be able to move again!


Let me start with this. I’ve only had one decent facial in my life that cost about $200 (because everything makes me break out… ) and that still doesn’t even compare to what this mask has done for my skin.

I, too, fully agree with Drew that this all-in-one facial has taken my skin 10 years back. I must have stood in front of the mirror for ten minutes after rinsing the mask off. I just couldn't believe it. The blackheads and pores on my nose looked like they had been photoshopped out. It was simply fascinating.

Not only was my skin was glowing and baby soft to touch, I noticed that it had de-puffed my entire face (from the late night sushi, sodium makes my face bloat). Even the darkness under my eyes seemed to have had lightened up. The lines on my forehead are virtually gone and smoother and some of my blemish spots on my cheeks and chin area had flattened out.

I’m still in shock with my face. I expected a lot with all the hype, but my results came out even better than I had imagined. I can’t wait to see what these Hanacure facials will do for my skin after I use it over a longer period of time. I just wish I had discovered it earlier. If I could, I would dip my ENTIRE body in this treatment.

The takeaway: Treat yourself to a Hanacure facial before they’re out of stock again.