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19 Sep

Glamglow Supermud Review

Posted by Bikini Owner

This is the first column from our new beauty review partner, Beauty Briefly. We hope you're into it. She'll be honestly reviewing all the products we want to try — so we don't have to, unless they're great. You'll find her reviews on the latest and greatest beauty products three times a week right here; sign up for her newsletter and make sure you never miss one. We'll let her take it from here....

Here's the thing: I love skincare products. If the beauty world is divided into people who'd pay a million dollars for the perfect cleanser and people who'd pay a million dollars for the perfect foundation — I'm always going to be about the skincare. So I love masks, serums, moisturizers — all of it — because when you have the right ones, you can skip the foundation and the contouring mess and just have awesome skin. (Don't get me started on contouring.) But I hate the ones that don't do anything. And I really hate the ones that don't do much and cost a fortune. Which brings us to.... 

Product: Glamglow SUPERMUD® (seriously) Clearing Treatment 

What Sephora says it does: "Help fight all common skin concerns including breakouts, discoloration, black and white heads, razor bumps, and in-grown hair."

What we say it does: Not super much, and for way too much money



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First look: You're only supposed to put on a light layer, which was just as well, since the consistency was way thinner than I expected — but there were still random bits and pieces of chunky bits in there. I've seen this mentioned in other reviews, so it's not like I got a bad sample. What's the point of them? Blend, people. Blend! 

The experience: I washed my face, just like instructed, and then applied my thin layer (again, just as well, since it's so freaking expensive). Then I waited. Then my face felt like it was on fire. OK, not fire. Relative to other masks I've worn, this one was a 3 on a discomfort scale of 1 to 10 (the others would have been like a zero.) My face felt super-tight and there was a warming sensation that was distracting enough that waiting out the whole 15 minutes was aggravating. 

The result: The treatment dries to a light gray — except around my nose, where my pores look biggest, and I swear to God there it dried to a medium gray and my skin looked like the craters of the moon. Tiny volcanoes on my nose. I have never been grossed out to that level by my own skin before.

It washed off easily. After a pat-dry, my nose looked Rudolph-level red, so maybe I'll put this into the rotation around Christmas. Nothing about this treatment made my nose happy. Elsewhere, I noticed that a "pore-less" patch of skin at the top of my cheekbones looked bigger, so that was good. 

 Elsewhere, my face looked exactly the same, and it felt super dry. The first time I used it, I lathered my face in my usual moisturizer (Aesop's Parsley Seed Serum); the second time I wanted something even stronger, so I went with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Price: $69(!)

What we'd pay for it: $10

Grade: Given the price, a D