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05 May

Get to Know Love and Laughter

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini, brand, Dubai, Love and Laughter, swimwear

We sat down to catch up with Love and Laughter's founder Anna Kistner to discuss what drives and inspires her Dubai-based swimwear. Its high-quality cuts and beautiful digital prints will capture your eyes but their story will capture your heart — read below and get to know more about this brand.   


BIKINI: How did the brand begin?

Anna Kistner: Each woman has their own little fashion passion; some are shoe addicts, some are bag addicts. When bikinis filled my third drawer, I realized what my passion is.

I wanted to avoid being another generic bikini brand. A few months after my research and due diligence, I embarked on conceptualizing and designing the collection, outsourcing the fabrics and applying a digital print, designing and producing custom-made hardware and packaging. The first Love & Laughter Swimwear collection was then born into the world.


BIKINI: Where did the name Love & Laughter come from?

AK: I wanted my brand to be a happy brand — I wanted to remind my customers how beautiful our life is despite all the negativity around it. I wanted the brand's name to sound nice and to be easily remembered. These days we try to spread love, laughter, kindness and beauty in all possible ways — from using sustainable eco-friendly fabrics to our social responsibilities — such as hiring only qualified adult workers who have 40-hour work weeks and also donating five percent of the profit to animal shelters around the world.

Love and Laughter Swim

BIKINI: Do you have a photography background?

AK: The photography is my dad’s influence — he’s a professional photographer. This is where my basic training came from. The whole world for me is seen through the lens of my camera, as every snap I take is judged to see if it’s a good fit for a bikini print. My dad and I are loyal Nikon fans.


BIKINI: What's it like living in Dubai? 

AK: Dubai is such a brilliant life school. Modern megapolis in a small desert country that was founded in 1971. It only has ten percent of its own, native population — the other 90 percent are expats from all over the world, trying to build a life for themselves. It has been the most fulfilling, sunniest, challenging, luxurious and colorful ten years of my life. If you are smart and work hard, you can be whoever you want to be in Dubai.

Love and Laughter Swim

BIKINI: How is it having a bikini brand in the city of Dubai?

AK: That's a very good question — I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now. At first, a bikini brand in a Muslim country sounds impossible. But there is so much beauty, creativity, and inspiration around you, along with thousands of people hitting the beach every day. Why not give it a try? What’s more, I keep thinking that modern day technology and our world getting smaller and smaller with the development of communications, makes every brand a worldwide brand without attachment to any particular place. Love & Laughter being part of is one of the proofs.


Love and Laughter Swim

BIKINI: What inspires you most?

AK: I’m fascinated that modern technology allows us to apply virtually any image onto the surface of the fabric. This creates unlimited opportunities for a designer. Dubai as a city created unlimited opportunities for me on a professional and personal level, and after ten years of being a resident, I would say all my dreams came true here in Dubai. I am very grateful and happy to live in such an amazing place. Dubai and its people continue to inspire and fulfill me every single day. These two ideas blended nicely in my mind and that’s how Dubai photography ended up on my bikini suits.


Love and Laughter Swim


BIKINI: Why produce in Bali?

AK: Bali historically caters to Australian swimwear brands and has an amazing expertise in swimwear and beachwear. The opportunity to surf before starting your factory day and do a sunset session on the beach after is the added bonus.


Love and Laughter Swim

BIKINI: Anyone you'd love to see rock your bikinis? 

AK: Just every girl on the planet, not more. Not very ambitious here.