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21 Sep

The Genius Beach Trick You Need To Try


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There's no doubt you've already learned this hard truth: There's nothing worse than a wet, sandy bathing suit. Wait — there's one thing worse. Not having a place to stash said wet, sandy bathing suit. Here's the scenario: You've done the covert beach wriggle with a towel or cover-up and escaped from your damp suit. Now it's in your hands, and you've got nowhere to stash it. The cure for this beach crisis? Wander Wet Bags

Since adding a few of these super-smart, eco zip pouches equipped with a waterproof lining to our beach lineup, the contents of our beach totes are no longer soggy. That paperback you've been toting around? It won't get waterlogged. A second pouch for preserving your iPhone and wallet is also a crafty hack that we've adapted. One of the cleverest additions to The Wanderlust, our subscription box which covers the spread on travel, fitness, style and beauty gear, Wander Wet Bags are the kind of innovation you tell your friends at yoga about, or become the go-to gift anytime there's a celebration. Because something this pretty — but totally utilitarian and genius — is too good to keep to yourself. 

Wander Wet Bags are just one product in our lineup for The Wanderlust. Check out the Santorini edition, still available in very limited quantities, today!