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14 Jun

Flower Child: Lily Cristal Castro

Posted by Bikini Owner in @lilycristal


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A quick perusal of model/writer Lily Cristal Castro's Instagram proves that deep thinking and gorgeous beach poses need not be mutually exclusive. At The Living List, Castro shares personal musings, anecdotes from brilliant thinkers like Aristotle and Martin Luther King Jr., and hilarious videos from Action Bronson. The girl gets that life is a gorgeous mosaic of the profound and profane, and that makes us absolutely want to be part of her sunny mermaid squad. Here's a peek at what makes her tick.

Right now I'm in (part of the world): Kailua Kona, Hawaii

I can’t stop listening to: "Forget You" by Elijah Blake

Hat or sunglasses: Sunglasses. I pretty much collect them.

Favorite sunscreen: None! Being Mexican, the sun is my friend!

Beauty product I can't live without: Not sure if it counts as a beauty product, but chapstick all the way. Holding a chapstick acted as my pacifier when I was a kid and I guess my lips have gotten addicted to it by now.


A post shared by Lily Cristal Castro (@lilycristalc) on

At the beach I always have a/my: Water bottle — the sun literally drains you. What better refreshment than a super, super, super cold water on a hot day?

Coffee or tea? Neither, caffeine is a no-no.

My favorite place to travel is: Paris

Instagram account everyone should follow (other than yours!): Paris Jackson. I admire her spirituality and humbleness.

First thing I do when I wake up: Check my phone — guilty!

My go-to workout is: Sit-ups, I like to feel the burn!


A post shared by Lily Cristal Castro (@lilycristalc) on

Favorite snack: Jamba Juice!

Must-have cocktail: None, terribly allergic to hard alcohol!

My #lifegoals are: To be happy and to enlighten others.

Biggest inspiration: Osho and Ghandi

Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Thailand

When I daydream I think about: Him

If I wasn't a woman I'd be a man.

Real tan or faux: Can't fake the Mexican in my blood!

I'm never without my: Notebook

You'd be surprised to know that I: Have double-jointed elbows.

True personal style is: Anything that makes people stare; I like to break trends.