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02 Dec

From Fitness To Food Trucks

Posted by Bikini Owner


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If you learned that a fitness fanatic ditched Hawaii for Arizona—to start up a burger food truck, no less—you'd have some questions right? Twenty-three-year-old New Zealander-by-way-of-Hawaii Mona-Jane Hannemann, whose @rocamoon Insta feed is a treasure trove of ice cream recipes, insane Hawaiian surf snaps, and inspiring fitness shots, is an unlikely burger slinger — but when her husband's family, who run a legendary burger chain on the North Shore of Hawaii, decided to give the mainland a try, she decided she was (maybe) up for the challenge.

As a young mom (Hannemann's son Roca is the inspo for her Insta handle) who seems to embrace parenthood with a sense of adventure, Hannemann's snaps always strike us as honest and uplifting. Since she's pursuing a personal training certification, Hannemen has been focused on fitness (and has a kick-ass bod to prove it), so we were psyched when she agreed to share a workout with us and chat about her life right now. Stay tuned for Roca Moon's custom workout—for now, scroll down to get to know Hannemann's softer side. 

BIKINI.COM: How did you wind up in Hawaii? And now you've re-located to Arizona—how does your location affect your day-to-day lifestyle? 

MONA-JANE HANNEMAN: There's a long story as to how I ended up in Hawaii, but pretty much I went there on holiday just after my 17th birthday on my travels around the US, I fell in love with the place and then returned for college, which is when I met my husband. In 2013, when I was 19, we got married there, and it became home. We just recently moved from the North Shore of Oahu to Arizona. They call it the desert, but currently it is pretty cold, if I say so myself! Hawaii is amazing and truly a slice of paradise next to New Zealand. My husband is one of seven boys, and his family has a couple of burger joints on the North Shore Seven Brothers, and we were the guinea pigs that came out to Arizona to test the concept here on the mainland—we just opened a food truck! So my lifestyle here is really different from Hawaii, obviously— as there is no beach or surf. I'm still trying to find my groove. Change, though not always easy, is always good. We try to get creative with our fun, but our day-to-day life usually involves a workout, a walk to the park, and helping Dad with his food truck. There are a ton of outdoor things to do here, some amazing hikes and things, but they are usually a fair drive away, so things take a little more planning and organizing than we're used to. I'm excited to explore and get to know this place more. 


A photo posted by one BODY one NATURE (@rocamoon) on


BIKINI.COM: How did you become interested in fitness? 

MONA-JANE HANNEMAN: I've always been interested in it. I played all sorts of sports from the time I was young. Even as a 10-year-old, I would go on runs with my brother, who is eight years older than me. As I got older, and through the different sports I played and their differing physical demands, I became more intrigued by the body's ability to do certain things. So I guess in a way it has always been in me to be interested by it all, but as I got older I was able to recognize how it made me feel, and how being active has a positive effect on my overall well-being. Once I finished high school, sports kind of fizzled, and that's when I guess I got more into working out since I didn’t have training and games to keep me fit. Then getting pregnant and having a baby—that had me step things up even more because I wanted to be in the best physical shape to have the baby, and I hoped that, in turn, it would help me to bounce back afterward. Since my son was born, it's just something that keeps me sane and feeling good, which trickles into all aspects of my life.

BIKINI.COM: How do you use Instagram to share your story? 

MONA-JANE HANNEMAN: Well, I don't exactly know what my "story" is. But since social media has become a big thing as of late, it's definitely a convenient way to share many things with others, and also learn a ton from others doing the same. I use it to share snippets of how I maintain an active (and somewhat healthy) lifestyle, be it with workouts, outdoor activities, recipes, or photos that make me feel a certain way. I also use Instagram to share uplifting quotes that stand out to me, or even just simple things I do in my daily life. I like to ask questions sometimes, too, and get tips from others.


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BIKINI.COM: How has being a mom affected your identity? Has it affected your lifestyle?

MONA-JANE HANNEMAN: Motherhood has manifested my divine identity. As a woman, I believe that is our main role here in earth — to create life for these little angels, and teach them to be good citizens. So in that sense it's given me identity in that way. But also, it's helped to shape me into a better person. It's helped me to see more of my potential as mother, a wife and an individual, and really think about what my values are. In regards to lifestyle — things don't get done as quickly. You can't be as nonchalant about things. Spur of the moment things often require a second thought now, but overall it's upgraded our life. I've been able to maintain my hobbies and interests, and find it so fun to take my little guy along with me! 


A photo posted by one BODY one NATURE (@rocamoon) on