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10 Feb

Find Your Ultimate Swimsuit With These Expert Tips

Posted by Bikini Owner in Expert, Swimsuit, Ultimate


A photo posted by Jenny Greenstein (@yoursoulstyle) on

Your Soul Style founder Jenny Greenstein with her daughter in Mexico. 

Cinderella was lucky. A fairy godmother showed up at her house and told her exactly what to wear, eliminating the whole '"Is this flattering? Is this dress too much? Do the glass slippers make me look fat?" conundrum. If only we could be so lucky, right?

Enter stylist Jenny Greenstein, the tastemaker behind Your Soul Style, a personal style and shopping consultancy based in New York City. A background in styling for brands like Ann Taylor and H&M and a pure love for fashion & style brought her to leave the corporate world and launch her own business. Her motto being "style from the inside out," Greenstein counsels clients to hone in on their intuition about how they want to look (and feel) in their clothes, and helps them zero in created wardrobes that brim with flattering, wearable pieces—and major personal spirit. From in-depth consultations to accompanying her clients on shopping trips and helping purge their closets, Greenstein is essentially a style therapist: she helps them see themselves, and then sort out what they should wear to reflect that inner sense to the world. 

Naturally, she has a lot of wisdom about swimsuit shopping, too.  "It can be so difficult for women, especially those in the prenatal/postpartum period which many of my clients are. Our bodies are constantly changing, and it’s critical to be supportive through these transitions," she says. Greenstein totally gets that women have all sorts of hang-ups about their bodies, and strives to impart the wisdom that  "all bodies are beautiful. I understand the emotional component to coping with a changing shape. I am always meeting my client where she is, because how I see her is irrelevant. What’s important is how she sees herself." She notes that the swimsuit landscape can be overwhelming, and always has a strategy before diving in. "We decide which body parts they like to highlight and which they're trying to downplay. From there, I can identify the silhouettes that work. Another aspect I narrow in on is color-way and prints versus solids. Most of us have preferences with our apparel,  and that spills over into the swimsuits we are drawn to as well." She helps clients notice how color, print and patterns influence the appearance of the body, and guides them to find styles which work to their advantage. "Once all of these factors are considered, I make brand recommendations to cater to specific needs. There are a plethora of options for all body-types but honing in on fit, color and brand for your shape is essential. It takes time, and a lot of trial and error to identify what’s best, but once discovered, future swimsuit shopping is streamlined".

We tapped Greenstein to create a foolproof swim shopping guide for us to follow—her genius tips below aim to soothe swim-shopping jitters, help you understand your options when it comes to working around areas you prefer to camouflage, and encourage a bit more adventure than you might normally ascribe to the task. Our favorite piece of advice? Be bold! 



BODY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: Be sure to try on swimwear when in the right frame of mind. We all have bad days, and those are not the ones for swimsuit shopping.

SHOP FROM HOME: Store lighting can be harsh and unflattering, not to mention sales associates can be pushy (and sometimes dishonest). I recommend ordering a bunch of options online and trying them on in the comfort of your own home.

COMFORT IS KEY: No matter what swimsuit style you wear, it’s important to feel comfortable to ensure confidence. So be sure to choose a style that you feel good in.

LESS IS NOT MORE: You don’t have to wear a revealing swimsuit to look sexy. There are silhouettes to highlight your many, beautiful assets. It’s not always about boobs and butt. HIGHLIGHT YOUR ASSETS (TOP): For women who want to highlight their top half and conceal bottom, I recommend pairing a sarong, flowy pant/skirt with your swimsuit top for a cool head-to-toe beach look.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR ASSETS (BOTTOMS): For women who want to highlight their bottom half, I recommend an off-the-shoulder cropped top or midriff tank that conceals your mid-section paired with a bikini bottom.

BE BOLD: Curvy women typically think that more coverage is better, but I tell my clients it can be more flattering to show a bit more skin, and empowering too!



A photo posted by Jenny Greenstein (@yoursoulstyle) on


EMPOWER YOURSELF: Know your shape, be honest about it and then become empowered by it. You are beautiful just as you are, so embrace whatever it is you've got and go for yours!

KNOW YOUR BRANDS: Women with larger breasts typically have more to consider when swimsuit shopping, but brands such as Malia Mills make supportive and stylish swimwear. Knowing your go-to brands which work for your body type is key season after season.

SWIMSUIT CLEANSE: Between the sun, sunblock, and water damage, swimsuits go through much wear and tear. Be sure to comb through your collection each season and discard the styles that have seen their day. Faded color, pilled bottoms, or tops that have lost their shape need to go.

PRESERVATION: To preserve your swimwear, be sure to rinse swimsuit out with warm water and gentle detergent after sun and water exposure. Lay flat to dry.