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16 Oct

Find What Bikinis Standout Against Yellow Skintones

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini, color, medium, olive, skin, skintone, swimwear, tan, wear, what, yellow

Choosing the right color to wear makes all the difference in the world — looking lively or dull can be as simple as picking red and skipping blue. So we say, learning what colors work best with your skin is an important styling tool — that's why we've dedicated an entire week to skin tones and colorways. Read on and always keep in mind that no fashion tip is to be obeyed all the way. 

Analyzing skin color is imperative in the process of color play. Determining your skin tone — fair, medium and dark — is generally a simple process. For more cues, read here

There's another spectrum of hues to note that lies beneath — the undertones. Mostly categorized as cool or warm, these two complexions are easily determined based on the color of your veins. For help on this, read here. But if you have difficulty selecting either undertone, chances are you fall under neutral. Neutrals lend a yellowish tinge no matter if you're fair, medium or dark.  And yes, things get even more complicated — you can display yellow on the surface of your skin and fall under the cool or warm categories. 

Yellow undertones should avoid yellow, blue and gold color pairings. If you love brights, it's best to mix with patterns or color blocking, and if you're more of a low-key gal, go for white. 

A warm golden yellow complexion looks stunning with fall colors like orange, green and dark red, while airy tones like lavender, lilac, and emerald green complement cool lemon yellow undertones. Not sure whether you're cool or warm? Don't fret: plum, red and green are crossover colors and your safest best.