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18 Nov

Festival Style Uncovered

Posted by Bikini Owner

Figuring out what to wear to a festival can be tricky. But for the attendees of Ondalina X Careyes — a first-time, beach-destination celebration — the decision can be especially challenging, with multiple venues, activities of all sorts, and widely varying temperatures between night and day. We found, though, that this super-cool crowd prioritized personal expression over run-of-the-mill fest trends. Below, meet some of the fest's best-dressed attendees. 


Name: Jordyn Christine Kraemer

Age: 27

Occupation: Blogger 

Where are you from? New York, NY

Is that a MIKOH bikini? Swimwear and bikinis are my second skin — I live in them. It came as no surprise, when creating my Halloween look for Ondalinda, that I ended up layering two different swimsuits on top of each other. The base of my costume was ’80s style — a white, high-leg one-piece suit from American Apparel. I then layered my blue MIKOH bikini top over it to resemble a butterfly net of sorts.  

What's the inspiration behind all the butterflies? I'm absolutely in love with butterflies as creatures. They resemble transformation, growth, and freedom. They're incredibly beautiful and intricate in their coloring which was also inspiring, and made for a good challenge.  

What planning went behind this outfit? Costume design, makeup, and getting to play dress-up are some of my favorite things. I love planning and preparing for Halloween in advance, but I booked my trip to Mexico for Ondalinda the night before I left. So I spent the last few hours before leaving New York City wiring and hot-gluing feather butterflies to my makeshift headband. I then had to pack my large monarch wings into my checked bag and hope for the best once I arrived in Manzanillo. 

The night of the Halloween party, I carefully painted my face like a monarch, layered my bikinis, weaved my spare butterflies through my Mikoh top, strapped on my wings and boots and had an absolute blast dancing the night away. 



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Name: Merlot Margurite Perle (middle right)

Age: 20

Occupation: I refer to myself as an artist. Although, I do a little bit of anything that brings some fire to my soul.

Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA

What thought process went behind building this look? Something functional, easy to dance in, and weather conscious. It was over 90 degrees everyday — I wanted to wear something I wouldn't overheat in and could easily move in. I can't stress how easily an event could be ruined by uncomfortable shoes, or a mishap with an outfit, so that was crucial in my thoughts.

I'm loving the throwback ’90s vibe you got going on. Can you talk about the inspo behind it? I was very inspired by the iconic look of Jimi Hendrix in the ’60s, but wanted to add a ’90s grunge twist inspired by Kate Moss. As swimwear is becoming more of a social statement, I really wanted to incorporate that into my look. I took a matching bikini set under a fishnet top — perfect for the heat, a long night of dancing, and anything else that could've come about. The hat, small black backpack, sunglasses, and over-accessorized jewelry were the perfect touches to spice up the outfit a bit more and make it the ideal statement. Also convenient if the night kept going through the sunrise. 


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Name: Paris Rouzati

Age: 26

Occupation: Marketing consultant

Where are you from? San Francisco, California

 What decision-making went into planning your outfit for the second night? For the second night, I did the opposite of the first night, which was an all-white look. I selected this dress by For Love & Lemons because I wanted something feminine but also dark and mysterious. I purchased the eagle necklace from the amazing local Huichol artisans in Careyes. I really thought the colors were so unique and I loved the symbolism of the eagle being a messenger from the earth to the gods.


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Those are some very festive sunglasses! Can you tell me about them? My glasses — funny story. I was actually wearing translucent green sunglasses (I'm about to release them on my website so people can purchase them), and my friend said "Wow, I love your glasses." So, I gave them to her, and they looked fantastic on her when she tried them on. Because it was sunny outside, she gave me her Robot Heart pink glasses and we just traded.





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Name: Pamela Allier

Age: 25

Occupation: Editor / stylist

Where are you from? Mexico City

A captain hat for sailing, it's so perfect! Was this done intentionally? I love to use different hats for different occasions. Sometimes I borrow hub's hats, sometimes I go for a cowboy hat, and of course, sailing in a boat needed a captain one!

And that bikini, what brand is it? Lisa Marie Fernandez 


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The flower crown is gorgeous! Is it made of natural flowers? Of course it's natural flowers! Nothing beats nature.

Did you make the crown? Here's the story. Back when I was in Bora Bora, I noticed a lady working at the hotel with this beautiful crown, and as I'm always looking for inspiration and accesories for my pictures, I asked if I could borrow her crown for a bit. She gladly told me that she could make one for me, so I got an amazing one from her, and the day after it was made, the flowers started to die, so I decided to undo the crown and study how she made it. I noticed she used several plants and sewed them together. After several tries, I succesfully made one for that day and another for the day after. This crown was made by me two weeks after returning from Bora Bora, so I guess I learned it the right way.

Is that a sarong you are wearing? Yup. I always love to appropiate something from the places I travel.