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30 Dec

Fashion Blogger Love & Ace’s Tips for Cali Living

Posted by Bikini Owner

By Staff 

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You look so great in our cover up! Since you're always at the beach, do you have a favorite one?

Thank you! The mint color is one of my favorites for spring! I'm lucky, because I live so close to so many beaches. I love Zuma beach in Malibu. It's so beautiful. The beachgoers there are friendly, and it's a little less crowded and touristy than the Santa Monica beaches that I live near. 


What are your beach bag must-haves?

I don't carry too much in my beach bag. Definitely, sunscreen! I use Burt's Bee's Baby Sunscreen. I find this to be really good on my sensitive skin, and it comes in a portable stick! I also carry sunglasses, a bottle of water and whatever book or magazine I'm currently reading. 


What are your favorite things to do at the beach? Do you surf or swim?

My favorite activity at the beach is actually laying out and soaking in the sunshine! But, when I need to cool off, I hop into the ocean for a swim. I also like to play frisbee-- running around in the sand is a great workout!


There's gotta be a lot of restaurants you love. Tell us your go-to!

One of my favorite things about living in LA is all the amazing food! There is this street called Sawtelle near me that has a bunch of authentic Japanese restaurants. I'm obsessed with this Ramen place called Tatsu Ramen. It has the best soups.

Also, I really like Kreation Kafe. They make super healthy, organic food that tastes good.

I like The Refinery in Santa Monica for good, strong coffee and Bottega Louie downtown for delicious pastries--the Earl Grey macaron is to die for.


How do you transition your outfit from the beach to night on the town?

I'm pretty casual. So, transitioning from day to night doesn't take much! I usually like to throw on a one piece-- something easy like a romper or a dress--throw my hair up and slip on some wedges. Dangly earrings always make things a little dressier!


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