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06 Jun

The Experts On Neoprene-A.T.G

Posted by Bikini Owner

Originally gaining buzz for their innovative use of floral prints in menswear, A.T.G. is now building international acclaim for its signature style of neoprene swimwear.

A.T.G. (All Things Good) began in Australia in 2007 when designer Stephen “Kristo” Christopherson combined his art and fashion experience to build a brand that would showcase a range of unique and artistic designers. Over the past five years, the brand has continued to expand, with the addition of A.T.G. Women, a line of swimwear that truly breaks all boundaries.

In 2013, the brand announced the addition of Michael Azzollini, longtime designer and fashion stylist, to continue the evolution of A.T.G.’s swimwear line.

Characterized by its modern designs, A.T.G. swim takes a fresh approach by using neoprene. Edgy, geometric cuts scream futuristic femme fatale. With elements like bright neon colors, zippers, and, leather look trim, it's clear that A.T.G. is not shy on starting trends.

Read on to find out what’s on the horizon for the fearless label in our one-on-one with A.T.G. Women’s head designer.

How did you get started in swimwear?

As a stylist. I was constantly consulting and styling for a heap of Australian swimwear brands to the point that I was literally the go to guy for swimwear ideas. It was such a natural progression.

How does A.T.G. stand out from other swim brands?

We are so new and fresh. We are willing to take risks and try new ideas. We have nothing to lose. We stand out for the same reasons. We attract people that want something different.

Where do you find inspiration? 

I can look at a dress and grab a design idea that can be translated into swimwear. I am in love with vintage stores and thrift shops, and I often find an amazing piece that no longer works but by using its design elements, I can create an awesome and modern swimsuit. I also spend way too much time watching the old classic movies from the 50’s with the original stars like Bette Davis. There is so much inspiration in that old Hollywood glamour.

In what way has neoprene changed the industry? 

Neoprene has allowed a fit that was never achievable with Lycra. Lycra stretches 80% and loses its hold, where as neoprene has the stretch needed but is still able to hold its shape on the body.

How have you experimented with neoprene for the new collection?  We are printing on neoprene, which we are really excited about!

What is your favorite travel destination?  New York. Everything about New York is exciting. My senses are alive after a few nights in New York.

Where is the best beach in the world? I am going to name a few... Tamarama in Sydney, as most of my dear friends hang out there during the summer. Mykonos, for the warm clear water and amazing party vibe. Wallaroo in South Australia, which is a place my family used to take me and, to this day, they are there every year from January until mid March. It's so relaxing and has bad phone reception so I can just zone out and relax.

Top three beach essentials... I’m going to name five, as I need five. Obviously an A.T.G. swimsuit, a Hermes beach towel, a hat, a great book and sunscreen.

Describe the A.T.G. woman.  The A.T.G. woman is confident and spontaneous. No rules and no regrets. Loves fashion but prefers to set trends rather than follow them.

Which ATG swimsuit is your favorite and why?  I love all our swimsuits. My favorite is always going to be the one that is least popular in sales, as it is most likely too strong too soon. In a year or so everyone will catch up and love the same one as me. It's been like this my whole designing life.