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29 Nov

Emily Ratajkowski Accused of Stealing Swimsuit Designs

We need to talk about Emily Ratajkowski's swimwear line, Inamorata.

The suits? They're gorgeous — but that's the problem, since according to independent swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez, they're knock-offs.

There are some complicated legalities in play: In the U.S., copyright law doesn't protect "physically functional items, including clothing." (Fabric design is a notable exception, which is why you'll sometimes see stories like this.) Designers have more protection against copycats in Europe — and since Inamorata ships internationally, Fernandez can use the European equivalent of copyright protection to pursue her claim. 

That's the legal end of it — now you be the judge. 

First, here's Inamorata's Cardiff one-piece:


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on


And now, Lisa Marie Fernandez's Poppy maillot, registered as her own design in Europe in 2015: 


Now, Inamorata's Vulcan top:


A post shared by Inamorataswim (@inamorataswim) on


For comparison, Lisa Marie Fernandez's Leandra top:


Four days ago, EmRata posted a photo on Insta of Christie Brinkley in a leopard one-piece, saying, "We all tap into vintage inspirations." Uh, OK. (And BTW, the leopard one-piece from her brand might, to critical eyes, be considered a knockoff of Brinkley's. EmRata... perhaps that's not the very best way to make your case.)

What do you think? Is this a question of divine inspiration? Or are these two suits straight-up copies?