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02 Nov

Elevated Swimwear Picks for Mom

Posted by Bikini Owner in 50, 60, age, appropriate, bikini, Mom, mother, over, swimsuit, Swimwear

Our in-house expert, the Bikini Whisperer, is here to guide readers through their trickiest swimwear questions. Got a question of your own? Drop us a line!

Today's question:

Dear Bikini Whisperer, 

I'm a stay-at-home mom in my late 50s and need a suit that's age appropriate. Although cheeky bottoms look gorgeous on my 20-year-old, they don't suit me at this stage in life. My girlfriends and I are heading to Hawaii next month, and I'd like to pack a beach wardrobe that's mature, yet fun. Can you help? 

Thank you!


Hello, Mama!

I want you to think: easy, functional, and elevated. Whatever your age, a chic look channels the season's trends through the looks that best suit your body. Our take? "Elevated" means defined, architectural, and classic pieces, perhaps accented with color rather than fussy complications. Never sacrifice comfort or fit, and don't stop looking until you find a swimsuit that allows you to feel confident and at ease.

Something to note: Sophistication is commonly misinterpreted as "full coverage" — and this couldn't be more wrong. A slim silhouette, which shows off your body, communicates a core truth for many women at this point in their lives: They're relaxed in their own skin. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Kore Daphne Maillot, $269

Neutrals at any age are flattering and effortless — this color combo is an easier take on stark white and black. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Amaio Swim Bardot One-Piece, $380

Rich textures and intricately constructed details are a luxe path to advanced styling. Keep it clean and contemporary by only incorporating these elements as accents. Moderation is key. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Adriana Degreas Bicolor One-Piece, $323

Sleek silhouettes with asymmetrical cuts are contemporary and sophisticated — this is what I meant by "elevated." 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

OYE Swimwear High Neck Maillot, $350

Don't be afraid of all-black staples – especially with a modern high-neckline or a fresh shape. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Norma Kamali Halter Sweetheart Mio One-Piece, $165

Don't shy away from florals — though consider sticking to two-tones or tonal prints with unfussy patterns. Avoid ditsy, small-scale prints, which can feel juvenile. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Vix Swimwear Bia Tube Top, $88 and Bottom, $88

When making a color statement, combine it with classic bikini shapes, like this moderate-coverage bottom and triangle top. The minimal metal embellishments add a high-end touch.


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Kore Alexa Top, $104 and Bottom, $121

This suit has it all — moderate coverage, mixed media angles, tonal color blocking and a tummy-tucking high-waist bottom. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Bondi Born Body Surfer Top, $120 and Bottom, $68

Coverage doesn't always come in the form of a one-piece — this slimming two-piece embodies sophistication, without compromising comfort. Control bust coverage with the zipper-friendly top. 


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Norma Kamali Johnny D Bra, $175 and Bottom, $175

Ruching, gathers and pleats all share a common theme: body slimming via contouring.


bikinis for over 50 year olds

Adriana Degreas Maxi Flower Top, $140.50 and Bottom, $140.50

Overblown patterns of any sort — and the muted hues seen here — will suit you well.