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02 Nov

In the Dressing Room Chair with Brand Ambassador Hazel Graye


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Our Brand Ambassador @hazelgraye pops up in our Insta feed on the regular with awesome hairstyles and gorgeous makeup looks interspersed with key skincare tips. Thanks to her frequent seat in the dressing room chair before modeling gigs, we know we can trust her advice. From how she maintains her dreamy blonde locks to how she's always blemish-free, we had an endless list of questions for this #realbikinibabe. Read on for hair and makeup tips only a model can give.


BIKINI: Have you always had blonde hair?

HAZEL GRAYE: Yes, my hair has always been blonde. It was very light blonde for most of my childhood. As I got older, my hair became a much darker dirty blonde. I started highlighting and low-lighting it a year ago. Jason Backe colors my hair and Ted Gibson cuts it.



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Hazel's curly blonde locks as a young girl.

BIKINI: What’s your daily skincare routine?

HG: My skincare routine varies day by day because I love trying out new products. But even though my products may differ, my routine often stays the same.

Currently and most often, I use Clinique's 3-step system: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. At night, I wash my makeup off with Oil Cleansing Addiction by Addiction Beauty, then use a face mask like the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque by Banish or the Pretty Sure I'm Gorgeous Ultra Hydrating Charcoal Creme Mask by Anese. After washing off my mask, I finish by spraying my face and hair with the Bless this Mess Hydrating Body and Hair Elixir by Anese.



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BIKINI: What else do you do to take care of your hair?

HG: With constant heat on my hair for different shoots, it definitely gets damaged. Every so often, I like to use my Hair Hydrating Mask: Island Escape Edition by Hello Hair to repair and hydrate my hair.

I also make my own shampoo and conditioner with Function of Beauty, which is personally tailored to my hair type to help with frizz, deep conditioning, and split ends.



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BIKINI: What’s one beauty item you could never live without?

HG: One beauty item I could never live without would definitely be my Acne Spot Treatment by Neutrogena Naturals. Everybody gets acne, and whenever I get a last minute unexpected breakout, a dot of this stuff does the trick to save my skin the night before a big shoot in the morning.

BIKINI: How else do you prep the night before a big shoot?

HG: I always make sure to wash my hair thoroughly the night before a big shoot. I also use a hydrating mask on my face, either my Ultra Hydrating Anese mask or the Chocolate Strawberry Toning and Moisturizing Mask by Freeman. I also make sure to completely exfoliate my skin with my coffee scrub by Body Blendz.



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BIKINI: Walk us through the process of getting your hair and makeup done for a shoot. How long does it take? Is there anything you don’t like about it?

HG: The time it takes to get my hair and makeup done totally varies by job. If I'm getting the light "no makeup" makeup look with my hair slightly tousled, it can take as little as 30 minutes. But if I'm doing something a bit more intense and intricate, like a smoky eye with heavy eyeliner and my hair in a bunch of little braids, it can take over an hour.

I absolutely love getting my hair and makeup done. It makes me feel like I'm getting paid to get pampered. Every once in awhile, a hairstylist may pull my hair a bit too tight or brush it a little too hard, and a makeup artist can be a bit rough on the face applying the makeup, but this is hardly a complaint. Most of the time, I find myself completely relaxed and enjoying the process.



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BIKINI: What’s your favorite hairstyle you’ve ever had?

HG: I love making my hair super curly and big. I think it's really fun compared to the typical middle-part, tamed and straight look. I was working in Boston a year ago with a great team for the company Rue La LaArturo Draper did my hair and makeup and we decided to go for exactly this look. My favorite photo is definitely this one:


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This was the same day with the same big, curly hair but instead in a ponytail, which was still super fun:


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BIKINI: What photo shows your biggest transformation for a shoot?

HG: I think my biggest transformation was for MICHAA, a Korean brand who I shot a fun set of short video clips with. I played the nerd character. It was the first time I ever wore a wig and the big glasses were super fun. Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo on set:


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And here’s my full look:


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BIKINI: What’s your go-to lazy day look?

HG: On a lazy day I usually go for a pair of my Brandy Melville Tilden Pants with one of their basic black t-shirts tied in the front, worn with some Vans or Converse.

BIKINI: If you had to wear one outfit from your Instagram every day for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

HG: It would definitely be this vintage '70s look. I am a total sucker for the whole peace sign, flower power vibe. I really loved wearing the denim and bell bottoms thrifted from Another Man's Treasure in New Jersey.



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Apply to join Hazel in our #realbikinibabe family as a Brand Ambassador.


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