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11 Sep

Don't Make These Style Mistakes

Posted by Bikini Owner in advice, bikini, fashion, mistakes, style

Here at BIKINI, we're extra attentive to swimsuit fashion; it's basically in our blood. Inevitably we cringe at swimwear mishaps when we see one, because sometimes it's a super simple fashion fix. Other times, it takes a lot of sisterly help. Below, our in-house bikini babes share a few no-nos with accompanying advice — consider this that sisterly love. 


ANNALYSE CORDON: Not wearing the right strapless top for your body. It makes me cringe when I see beautifully-dressed girls pulling up their strapless dresses and bandeau bikinis every few minutes. If your ta-tas spill out or your top comes down when you move, it’s time to upgrade to a better-fitting style.

bandeau top

Onia Julie V-Wire Bandeau bikini top in maroon, $99


Forgetting about the summer heat when picking out colors and fabrics. Picking out fabrics that breathe and slyly hide sweat stains is the easiest way to feel good and look put together. There's nothing ickier than sweat stains. 

breathable fabric

Pitusa Evil High Low dress in white, $109


Wearing your favorite sandals without taking care of your feet. You don’t need an expensive pedicure or even colorful polish, but it is important to care for your heels and make sure your feet are ready for open-toed shoes. 

nail polish

Londontown Windsor Garden nail polish in fiery orange, $16

MONICA MIYAGI: Every body type is different, and unless you're totally proportional and have an hourglass frame, you'll probably waste money on buying bikini sets in a single size. Finding the right fit is important.

Wearing the wrong type of suit for the type of activity. If you're going to be active like hiking to a swim spot, make sure to wear a top that gives support. If splashing in the ocean, you'll need a top that won’t slide sideways in a wave. If you're boogie boarding, choose a one-piece that covers the stomach region so you don’t get scratched up (it has totally happened to me).

I feel like I see a lot of people buying bottoms that are too big which looks saggy when wet — the worst. I would say the solution is to possibly size down or figure out the best bottoms coverage for your shape. For some, moderate may actually be more full coverage or just wear a thong! 

minimal coverage

Beach Bunny Rib Tide Skimpy bikini bottom in red, $119 and Beach Bunny Rib Tide Bralette bikini top in red, $129


Thinking there’s only one way to wear a classic triangle top. Try turning it around so the back straps tie around your neck and the neckties go around your back. It changes the cup shape and creates a different silhouette (works better on smaller busts).

Also, the annoying neckties that dig into neck giving headaches. If you feel one coming, take those neck ties and create over-the-shoulder straps by tying them to the back ties — basically making makeshift bra-style straps.

triangle top

Indah Huey Lace Triangle Bikini top in bordeaux, $109


MARY CRAVER: I would definitely say some style mistakes I would watch out include beauty products, like the tanning lotion being applied close to the swimsuit area. This totally stains the suit and is not a great look. If you're looking to get darker, allow enough time for the lotion to dry before slipping into your swimsuit and avoid light bikini colors. 

A big style mistake is finding the right size in top and bottoms. Not enough girls are finding tops with the right support. There are a lot of cute swim brands that cater more towards bigger busts. When you try and fit everything in a suit that also fits someone with a smaller bust, it just doesn't look right.

top support

Rosa Cha 2019 Nati Underwire bikini top in black, $139 and Rosa Cha 2019 Audrey High Waist bikini bottom in black, $119