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10 Feb

Do Valentine's Day The For Love & Lemons Way

Posted by Bikini Owner in For Love & Lemons, Valentine's, Valentine's Day


Some years our V-day game is all roses and romance, and others we prefer to take things in a racier direction—this year, our muse for Valentine's Day is the oh-so-sexy For Love And Lemons collection, which is lacy, racy, and an insanely sexy way to express your amorous feelings for that special someone. Whether you're lining up to see 50 Shades Darker or booking a babysitter for a romantic dinner at your favorite place, wearing one of these pieces underneath it all is better than a love letter (in our opinion, at least!). 



This look says it all—it's girly, sexy, but also so left-of-center. 


Clearly they have a way with lace. 


The mash-up here of lingerie-inspired styling and an innovative swimwear cut is super-modern.


Is there anyone on the planet who wouldn't feel like a sex bomb in this suit? We don't think so. 


Yes, it's pink. But whoa, is it sexy. 



The La Rochelle lace-edged bandeau is a whole new game in in the innerwear-as-outerwear trend.