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10 Jun

DIY Tanning With Vita Liberata

Posted by Bikini Owner in Self-Tanner, vita liberata


A photo posted by VITA LIBERATA (@vitaliberata) on


Every summer, soon as the sun comes out, I want a tan. 

Fact: I didn't grow up in the most SPF-aware household. For sure, my mom kept us protected and out of the sun when we were kids. But as a teenager? I can't even, with the sun damage. 

I'm older and wiser now, which means I don't race outside at the first possibility with a towel and a book. These days, it's tons of sunscreen (and a towel and a book.) 

But I don't want to give up the glow. Which is where the Vita Liberata comes in. 

Here's the thing: No self-tanner works well without a proper foundation. Here's my five-step plan for top-condition summer skin: 

#1: Two liters of water a day. (I'm aiming for three, but you know — that's a lot of water.) Beauty from the inside out, people: Self-tanner can't really hide zits. 

#2: I personally like to start with a gentle exfoliator — it just feels good. I'm one of those people who has to actively restrict how much exfoliation I do, since a couple times a week is plenty for most people. Aesop's is pricey but one tube will last me at least six months. And for the rest of my body, I love this Kiehl's body soap — it's officially made for the boys, but I'm pretty sure we're allowed to use it to. 

#2A: Shaving? You want to do that now. Not only is it an extra exfoliator, but you won't want to shave after you put the tanner on, since the blades will take it off. 

#3: I also use Aesop face wash, which is gentle, smells like jelly beans, and also lasts for ages.

#4: This is the least drying toner I've ever used, with no alcohol. I feel like the self-tanner goes on better, post-toner. 

#5: Self-tanner! Applied quickly and surely and with a very light touch. If I want more, there's always tomorrow. 

Bonus (required) step: a dose of sunscreen. This one's SPF 50