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21 Oct

Designer Style with Annelies De Rouck

Posted by Bikini Owner

Designer Annelies De Rouck the creative behind swimwear brand Seilenna talks personal style on one of her sailboat outings – the look that catches our eye with that effortlessly casual and elevated aesthetic we recognize from Seilenna bikinis. Get to know her savvy outfit tactics and swimsuit design priorities.

designer Annelies De Rouck


You have an effortlessly casual vibe about your look. Can you tell me about your outfit?

This is my sailing outfit. It’s not that easy to go on a sailboat and still feel like yourself and be dressed in something comfortable and appropriate for a sailboat. You know, you definitely have to wear jeans or pants that can get a little dirty and the shoes have to have white soles. I don’t like regular boat shoes so I wear Toms for sailing.


I love your cargo olive jacket – everyone needs one in their closet. Where is yours from?

It’s just from Zara. So many people have asked me because it’s actually a really good one. It looks much nicer than a Zara.


Your scarf is interesting, is that a multi-print or multiple scarves wrapped together?

It’s one multi-print scarf. It’s actually based from Palestinian printed scarves, you know that particular print? Well it’s a version of that and it was done exclusively by this print designer for one of the retail stores I sell at in Belgium my hometown. I bought it there.  It’s one of a kind. It’s a large square so I drape it around. It’s a really thin wool and silk gauze perfect for layering. 


This is a tough question but how would you describe your style in three words?

I would definitely say effortless, maybe European because I’m European after all and comfortable.


Would you say that you apply this style aesthetic to your swimsuit designs?

Yes, I do think the swimwear also has an elegance about it. I think it’s more feminine and elegant than what I’m wearing. I think you just want to feel really feminine in a bathing suit. You are only wearing a little bit of fabric, so you want to show as much personality as you can.

People have commented that my line is European as well. The fabrics are very comfortable and very very very soft. It’s very important for me to wear things that are soft and have a great hand feel like the scarf that I’m wearing and the cashmere poncho under my jacket that’s super soft. It’s nice to be cozy so with my swimwear I’m also very sensitive to that as well. The first thing I do when I go to the fabric shows is touch everything and make sure it's soft.


What has been your fave Seilenna piece and why?

The Catherine top made with the Issa print with checks. It’s a really nice structured top.  It has removal straps and a three hook setting in the back so it’s adjustable, very flattering and supportive. It’s a very versatile piece, you can wear it with or without the straps. You can also adjust the hook in the back. Even though it’s a structured top, it’s not one of those tops that has one setting in the back and it either fits or it doesn’t fit. I love that it’s adjustable, adore the print and the French feel about it.

Seillena Swimsuit

Seilenna Catherine Top, $180

Seilenna Demy Bottom, $160