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14 Mar

Designer Spotlight: Siempre Golden

Posted by Bikini Owner

Siempre Golden is one of those brands that inspires and it’s not just the cutting edge bikinis – the mega-entrepreneurial spirit that drives this brand sparks a fire. The 23 year-old founder and designer Sophia Kim created Siempre Golden for the confident gals who don’t give a damn and are looking to sport the new-new. Here’s what she has to say about her vision, bikinis and inspo.

Siempre Golden bikini

What inspired you to start Siempre Golden?

When I went to Hawaii in 2010, I was introduced to Brazilian bottoms for the first time. I was obsessed with the idea and basically spent my whole trip trying to look for a bottom — they were all over $100. I felt like the cost was ridiculous because it’s less fabric but the cost was higher. That’s when I thought, There’s something wrong here.

I went to school at UC San Diego and we’d be at the beach all the time. I was obsessed with buying bikinis and I’d research where to buy the best Brazilian bottoms. This is just when other designer bikini brands started to pop up. Before this, the market was super small, and everyone was accustomed to buying at Victoria’s Secret or Target. That’s when I thought to start my own company and provide bikinis at a very affordable cost.

I majored in communications and took plenty of business classes, but I graduated a year early because I was set on creating this bikini line.

Siempre Golden bikini

What’s the design concept behind every bikini?

The bikinis are produced in Bali because I wanted to make bikinis that would be braided in the form of a friendship bracelet like the Tres Amigos bikini. I went all over Los Angeles to find a manufacturer that would be able to make this, but they all turned me away — the technique was too time consuming. That’s when I went to Bali — because they can create more intricate designs.

I was inspired to do something edgier for my second collection. This season is more impactful; the brand has more of an empowering hand because the look is forward. I design for the girl who's very self-confident, doesn’t care about the tan lines and wants to rock something new and different. It’s also inspired by California – the golden state. All the bikinis are named after my favorite beaches. In 2015, they were all Spanish names.

Siempre Golden bikini

Where does the name Siempre Golden come from?

Golden has a lot of meaning for me – one literally taken from "The Golden State." But the real reason why I love the word golden: I’ve had an attachment to the word since I was young. For me, a golden moment is the instant when you achieve a goal that you’ve dreamed of. The golden moment dissipates when you obtain that goal — so you always have to have a constant set of goals for yourself. I think that’s how you lead a golden life – you just keep achieving your goals one after another. Siempre means always.

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